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Hey :)

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Hello all. 

My name is Kay I am from Sunny Stoke on Trent. I am a teacher and I have been wanting to learn BSL for a while. This week I was fitted with my first hearing aids. So no time like the present, is there? 

I have previously used makaton and some basic BSL within my job but have always wanted to expand on that for personal reasons. I'm excited to get learning more and with others, come say hi!!

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    • I am Sara, and I have just finished my English Studies degree. In this last year, I was exposed to topics related to functional diversity and the Deaf community and sign language caught my attention. So, that is why I am here, doing this really interesting course. 
    • I'm a junior doctor in the NHS and I started learning BSL in my spare time because of a recent patient with whom I wished I could communicate better. As a profession, we have historically been poor with appropriately addressing the concerns of the D/deaf community. In the current climate, especially since we wear masks obscuring our mouths, communicating with people who rely on lip-reading is even poorer. I hope that by learning BSL I can provide comfort to some of my patients.  🩺
    • Hi everyone, my name is Oyinkan I am an 18 (nearly 19) year old medical student. Communication is a big part of building relationships and uniting communities so I'm learning BSL because I think it is important for hearing people to take the initiative to learn how to communicate and understand the deaf community more! I also believe that by learning BSL it will enable me to become a better more inclusive doctor when I finish my degree! I learnt a bit of ASL when I was younger but I am so excite
    • Hi everyone, I have just signed up to the sign language forum and it is great to hear about everyone's sign language experiences. I have wanted to learn sign language for a while and was excited to find a great online course recently. I am only very early on learni
    • I am learning sign language i am hard of hearing and deaf something tells me it’s important to do it 
    • I have always wanted to learn BSL and love learning new languages generally. I learnt to fingerspell at a young age and have always wanted to learn more. I now work across a number of primary school working with children with SEN including HI and those who are pre-verbal and sign as their main form of communication, so I would like to be able to interact with them more.
    • Hi I'm Laura. I learnt to fingerspell when I was younger as my dad was completing a sign language course. Always wanted to take this further and now have finally got time to do it!
    • Hi everyone! I'm learning BSL for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I've always been fascinated with Sign Language - it's such a complex, beautiful and expressive language and has a brilliant community to go along with it. I've been trying to learn on and off for a few years but wasn't ever able to put aside enough time to commit to it! But now I've joined a group in my congregation who teach it, and it's been so much fun to learn together! Even through this pandemic we've been able to continue
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