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My intrest In BSL started because I was in love¬†with watching mr tumble¬†(a British kids show where they do sign language) ūüėā. I was saddened when I realised that it wasn‚Äôt something taught in school. I was fuelled to learn when I would see deaf people coming into my workplace and people acting so strangely around them because they were¬†unable to communicate with them. It was further fulled when I was diagnosed with an EVA which meant I could also be loosing my hearing in the coming years.¬†

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    • Hi, I am a secondary school teacher. I have alwaus wanted to learn BLS so have taken lockdown to take the time to learn¬†
    • hi! my name is Scarlett and¬†I am learning sign language for my Silver Duke of Edinburgh award. I first learnt fingerspelling when I was in Brownies when I was 10 years old and have wanted to begin learning BSL since. really enjoying the course!
    • Hello! My name is Natalie and I am 26 years old from North Wales. I am a performer and a dance teacher, and decided to start learning BSL as I think it will be a great skill to have and open up new opportunities to help and meet more people. Can't wait to keep learning! Hope everyone is staying safe, and keep positive!ūüėÉ
    • Hey, ex script consultant here, In terms of screenplays it all should be written in English with English grammar, including all of the "Spoken" lines.¬† If you want the character to be authentic and genuine, give the part to a genuine deaf actor who will know the how to bring the words to life with their¬†hands.¬†¬† I wish you all the luck in the world! and if you need and ex-script consultant¬†on your team you know where to find me Lola
    • Hi Everyone, my name is Theresa and I am 33 years old and live in Birmingham. I am an undertaker and decided to learn to sign so I could offer the same support and care to any families with a member who is deaf or hard of hearing. I am finding it alright¬†so far but really use my hands a lot when I'm talking so that has been a struggle lol! I would be really interested in talking to anyone else learning, particularly¬†to use in a are in¬†public service¬†setting.¬†
    • Hi I am 70 this year and partially deaf following a horse riding accident, consequently wear a hearing aid. This helps with the Tinitus which also resulted from the accident. Trying! to learn BSL basics as I am a tour guide at a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I felt so inadequate when we had 2 deaf visitors and I could not even welcome them. So, lockdown can have advantages, lol. Stay safe. ¬†
    • https://www.signbsl.com/¬†is a great tool for looking up words. They also¬†have an app for your phone. I have a similar story, I was working reception for my charity and a group of deaf people came to stay with us so during lock down I decided to learn BSL, I am finding maybe I more suited to SSE ¬†
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