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"Thank You" during COVID

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I'm more than a little hesitant about using the sign for "thank you" during this... unique procession of events... I find myself feeling uncomfortable bringing my hands anywhere near my mask, and I feel more than a little embarrassed by what it might look like to another person doing so. I've kinda defaulted to signing yes, which seems to get the point across at shops and what not, but I also think it might come across as a little rude? I'm kinda new to signing frequently, prior to people wearing masks, I could hear and understand most people for the most part, but a sudden increase in my tinnitus symptoms and people speaking through several layers of protection, I understand almost nothing. My understanding of BSL and ASL is rather limited, and I can't really think of or find an alternative for "thank you" that feels natural. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    • I've been meaning to for a long time - largely for a friend from uni who is deaf (at the moment it's mostly a case of "we get our phones out and type") but also because I'm autistic and sometimes struggle to get my words out when I'm in distress so it's good to have an alternative!
    • Hello - I'm Georgia, and I'm learning BSL for the first time via the british-sign.co.uk beginner course. Very excited to get stuck in - I just hope I stick at it and don't fall apart the second other people are involved, so joining the forum is a big part of that!
    • I've tried learning BSL several times in the past 30 years. Evening classes as a teenager, informal classes at church to encourage more potential interpreters, and more recently several opportunities through work. I work as an accessibility specialist, and it would nice to be able to communicate with others in a way suited for them. It will always be easier for me to learn sign than for a deaf person to hear. And if I could get good enough, it would be nice to be able to interpret for others,
    • Hello, my name is Emma. I'm working through the british-sign.co.uk course "Intro to BSL", and supporting colleagues at work to do the same. I've done something similar several times before, so I'm hoping this time my brain catches on this is something I'd like it to remember. I first met BSL as a child, through friends who are deaf, and completed Level 1 and 2 courses as a teenager in Northern Ireland. However, I'm not a natural at learning languages and years of not using it enough make it hard
    • Hi I’m here with my 18 year old who has a bilateral severe hearing loss, which was only picked up when she was 12.  She gets through by lip reading mostly,  as doesn’t enjoy wearing her hearing aids, so we’ve decided that we would like to learn BSL so we can communicate to each other and other Deaf/deaf people.  I also think it’s a useful skill in our everyday life whether we are at work or out and about.
    • Question one was Bulgaria , I remember that as I thought Portugal to start off then changed mind, maybe was a different conversation?
    • Good night! I believe that in your situations it will be really nice for you to automatize all possible business processes. For that aim, it is really nice to use some special soft like CRM systems, for example. Have you heard about the Salesforce, for example? It really helps to receive more profit. I am telling you about this because I am working with this soft and I could recommend you the salesforce customization services that will optimize this program, specially for your business model.
    • Hi Than k you for your reply I failed the same exam, did you catch by any chance the fingerpelled name of the location in italy , question number 1 where the first guy went to ski?  
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