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Sentence Structure/Grammar Help Please :)

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Hello! I recently started learning BSL and I have a couple of questions about sentence structure/grammar which I'm hoping someone can help me with! It's my first time posting on the forum so if I'm in the wrong thread please let me know!


I understand how to order simple sentences in BSL but am really wondering the word order for the following sentences when signed - could anyone explain the word order for the following? 


1. What do you want to do? (I understand how to sign 'do you what?' but that's not the same question)

2. Where do you want to go?

3. How was your day?

4. Did it go well? 


Thank you so much for any help!


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There are variations but basically:

1) you want + do/make + what?

2) you want + go + where?

3) day (or: your day) + good?

4) Depending on the situation you might just use 'good?' (thumbs up) and make it a question (eyebrows up, head forward).

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When it comes to forming BSL questions the question word goes at the end.

you want what?

we eat where?

you go with who?

you go when?

How I think may be a little different but I am not sure..... If anyone knows please comment :)

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