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    • yes, facetime is fine, I'll message you
    • Hi Iain, thanks for your response, much appreciated. I have done facebook before, but not Skype, I will try and get it set up on my computer and get back to you when I am successful. Failing that, do you do Facetime please? Cheers, Aidan
    • Hi Aidan, I've been learning online since January, haven't had much chance to practice with real people so would like to give it a go! I'm available for Skype most evenings this week except Thursday - I'll message Skype name if anyone interested.
    • Hello Louise, Thanks you for your reply.  I have only just noticed your email - so this might be too late.   I have tried to open a Skype account but it would appear it costs money.  However I can face time from my computer if that is acceptable. If we don't get together today may I wish you all the best for tomorrow.    I to have an assessment this week, which I am not looking forward to.  I am part way through BSL 1 and having a lot of fun I have found a fingerspelling game - link below  https://www.signlanguageforum.com/bsl/fingerspelling/fingerspelling-game/   but you probably know that already.  I managed three on my first attempt. Have fun and stay safe Kind regards Keith      
    • hi I am doing a intro course have  learnt fingerspelling and basic conversation  im free this morning skype is : louisespiller
    • hey I've been doing a starter course and have my test tomorrow to do a few sentences to get the certificate  I am free now if you want to give it ago I am able to only do basics  and finger spelling slowly      skype : louisespiller
    • Hi, I am learning Level 1 currently and have some exams on March 25th, so looking for someone to help me practice, via Facebook, Skype or Webcam. I am a beginner, so don't worry if you are too, I really need practice reading fingerspelling. Thanks for any replies, Aidan 🙂
    • Hello everyone! I am designing my final collection for my degree and I need a phrase translating from words to signing. Problem is that I want it to make sense and be perfect in order to be right so as to pass the message properly and raise awareness. The clothes will be made with sustainable methods and after completion will be sent to be published in the fashion revolution magazines. Can you help me? 
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