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HI My name is Caroline and  I have always had an  interest in learning  BSL, since my children were young. I  went on a day course  in  BSL about  2 years ago but  it is  difficult to  remember the signs when you are  not using  it. I thought  this  course  would  be  good  as I  can keep  going back to  it  and  keep refreshing  my  memory. 

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    • Hi! I've started the BSL through work and honestly I've been enjoying it a lot too. Glad to hear you've been enjoying the course! 
    • Thankyou for your advice sarah
    • Hi everyone, I have just started the BSL course. We have a project time on my uni course so thought this would be an ideal time to learn a little bit if BSL as I have wanted to learn for a while. Really enjoyed what I have done so far!!
    • 👋 everyone, I have just started learning sign, it is something I have wanted to do for a long time, I have some friends who are deaf and I always feel I should try harder to learn the language to chat with them and have longer and better conversations, however due to my ignorance/laziness I have never got round to it.  Well now I have just enrolled onto the BSL course and I am enjoying it very much, I honestly wish I had done it a long time ago. 👍 
    • Hi! My name's Shell and I started learning BSL 10 years ago. To those of you starting out - keep going!! It's such a beautiful language and so worth pushing through any initial struggles. By the way, I post BSL content on my social media, which may be helpful for receptive practice for you! This is my Instagram and here's my latest YouTube video for example:  
    • Oops sorry didn't add the links in properly! Here you go:   www.instagram.comlifewithshellll www.youtube.com/c/ShellJohnson www.tiktok.com/@lifewithshellll   And here's my latest YouTube video that I uploaded last night if you'd like to have a look and even subscribe    
    • Morning I uploaded a video last night with BSL interpretation... I wasn't sure how to sign 'teleportation'! Let me know your thoughts on how I signed it and how you might do it. Thank you!    
    • Hey here’s a snippet of a beautiful song in BSL/SSE! You can find loads more on my Instagram and I upload videos with BSL Interpretation on my YouTube 🥰
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