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Hi there, I'm glad to join the community.¬† My sister was a girl guide where she learnt finger spelling for a badge, and then taught me¬†when we were¬†children.¬† We still use it as secret language sometimes ūüėȬ†Now I would like to learn to communicate effectively using sign language.

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    • At university¬†I studied Fine Art, and my practice was primarily centered around notions of¬†the body. In particular, the¬†importance of touch and physical communication fascinated me. I believe this is why studying BSL recently has felt such a joy for me; something directly¬†in keeping with the concepts I was excited to explore¬†during my degree. Since graduating, I started my first full-time job in September¬†as a Learning Support Assistant in a local¬†secondary school's Hearing Impaired Resource Base. I can safely say that I have loved working with¬†the students so far, as well as among colleagues whose communication skills I admire¬†such as ToDs and interpreters. Thanks to this job and the influence of those I work with, I've gained a newfound enthusiasm to really practice my BSL (and hopefully, one day, become proficient at it!).¬†‚ėļÔłŹ ~ Amy ¬†
    • Hey everyone¬†ūüėä My name's Amy and I live in London. Here's a video of me briefly introducing myself in the small amount of BSL that I know! Looking forward to getting to know others¬†ūüĎč ¬† ¬†
    • Hi Danny. Good luck with this. Like you I am very new to BSL and, as Wendy¬† says, doing regular fingerspelling games seems to help pick up the alphabet. I have found constant repetition of the "vocabulary" is gradually getting through. I haven't¬†tried the chat rooms to practice with other people yet. Everyone would need to sign VERY slowly.
    • Afternoon all, I have 70% loss both ears but as others mentioned didn't realise how much I relied on lip-reading and reading peoples facial expressions until we started all wearing masks. The last two years with COVID have left me feeling very isolated so I figured it would be a good idea to learn BSL and I am enjoying it very much. ¬†
    • Hi Danny, welcome ¬†I have not learned as much as I would have liked to¬† - started a few months ago - but I find that when I have had a gap in learning BSL doing a few fingerspelling games really helps ¬†
    • I would just love to learn BSL. I also have a young niece who communicates using BSL and I would love to have a conversation with her using her primary¬†language.¬†
    • Hi,¬† ¬† I‚Äôm Danny and I‚Äôm very new to this. Although I have an extremely difficult time learning languages I am determined to learn BSL. I would appreciate any help that comes my way ūüėä ¬†
    • I grew up in the S.Wales Valleys. I was taught to sign the alphabet when I was very young by my wonderful Aunty Marion. I was recently at an event where I had a chat with a lovely Deaf man from Liverpool. I realised that I wanted to be able to speak more clearly and be able to understand the language better.¬† Upon starting this course I have realised just how much I recall from my Aunt's visits, and how much more I have to learn.¬† I shall be learning as much as I can before the next event in April¬†
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