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Hi, My name is Claire and i am 32 years of age with a 9 yo daughter. I live in the North West and have had lots of experience in lip reading and a small amount of BSL since i was 13/14. My younger brother lost his hearing at a young age and went on to be the first child in Stockport to be fitted with a Cochlear Implant; in the interim, we learnt some basic signs and how to understand each other through our mannerisms, facial expressions and lip reading. I have been lucky that during Lockdown and Furlough i have been able to pick up where i left off and learn much more BSL in the hopes that i can use it in the future if/when necessary.

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    • I feel that it is paramount that I should be able to communicate with all my students in the future irrespective of disability. BSL has opened up a whole new world for me!
    • Hi I'm Darcey, Currently an Alevel student learning BSL in my free time as I would like to become a primary teacher for special needs in my future!   
    • Sign language is something that I have wanted to learn for quite a while now and I know that in my teaching career it will be a really useful form of communication to be able to engage in. I am loving it so far!
    • Hi! I'm Gemma, a trainee primary teacher. I am currently completing a Level 2 BSL online course. Sign language is something I have wanted to learn for a quite a while and have had a few tries here and there, but now I am getting stuck into it and really enjoying it!
    • Hi Cath, Would Tuesday or Wednesday morning at 11am be convenient next week? or if you work I could do next Sunday 11am? I have had a brain tumour and left me with M.E. so mornings are best  for me. Let me know what you think.?  I am sure we can find a suitable time between us.Here is my email address [email protected] Easier to get message than through the forum. i can set up a zoom when we decide date and date.:) sue
    • I'm looking for someone to sign with ! I am half way through level 1 , let me know when you are available and I will defo be there!
    • Hi Everyone, Please please can we respect eachothers time. If you make an arrangement to sign with someone and you cannot make it please try and let them know. I understand it is not always possible but it's like meeting a friend in the coffee shop and waiting and waiting and the other person just doesn't turn up. This week two people who make arrangements with me where no shows.  Over the 8 months on here it has happened about 10 times!! One was very kind and contacted me. Thankyou, you know who you are. Respect eacthothers time please   Happy signing everyone
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