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Hello from Whitstable


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Hello All,

I'm Claire, 

I live by the sea and love walks along the seafront, spending time with my kids and our cats.

Me and my son are learning together as he wants to be able to communicate with his deaf great-grandmother.



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    • BSL is something I've tried to learn a few times in my life, but never found the correct way to learn or keep it up. But there was a kid at a school was volunteering at that was deaf and it struck me how happy she was when my friend told her she was doing well at a task, and how little I could help her do the tasks we had planned for the session. I want to be able to communicate better with people. 
    • I decided to start learning BSL to learn a skill and to be able to communicate with more people more easier. I have worked in hospitality for coming up 6 years, and customer service being 8 years, and I would love to be able to use BSL to communicate with someone who uses it. I feel as not many people know the language (I certainly don't know anyone that knows BSL), I can imagine it would make a difference to someone's day and feel understood without having to use the means of pen and paper
    • Hi Jess! I have just joined this forum; your post was at the top. I have been doing a BSL course for a few weeks now, I've recently passed the assessment on jobs, greetings & places. I found that writing down the word then something I relate to that hand action helps me to learn and remember it. Then I'll wean myself off of it. Enjoying it too so far and totally with you wishing I had started earlier too!
    • I have always found it interesting and wanted to be able to communicate using it. The only thing I have been able to say to customers at work is 'thank you', but I want to be able to say more to be able to communicate with them and make them feel comfortable. It is also a valuable skill, which would be very useful throughout my life.
    • Hi I'm new here! I went to a primary school which taught basic BSL, but unfortunately I didn't keep up with it once I had left. I am now trying to learn it, as I have always wanted to be able to communicate with everyone, especially at work and university. I am enjoying it so far, and wish I had started sooner!
    • I've just joined this website, started exploring and yours is the first link I've opened. You're a bit more advanced than me but once I'm up to level 1 I'm happy to do videochat if you're happy talking with a newbie
    • Hi Everyone, my name is Ryan and I am here because I have always wanted to learn sign language and thought that now is the perfect time to start. I work within healthcare so this will come in useful but also my Boyfriend and husband to be is partially deaf so it would be great to be able to converse with him when we are in situations that he cant really hear me.  I am 30 years old and I live in the south west of the UK.
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