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fingerspelling game

Sue W.

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17 hours ago, Kieran said:

Hi 111 aeiou game (I don’t know what finger from eye means) excited you have (I don’t know thumbs up, together sideways)


# 1 Cup

# 2 Fridge

3 Carper (?)

4 Oven

5 Bed

6 Picture

7 Soap

8 (I find it easier to join my index and thumb to sign eight) Keys

9 (Just tuck thumb behind other fingers) Table

10 Fork


Hello … (apparently it is two or more waves for goodbye and one single movement for hello)

Hello Kieran,

No 3  carpet

My signing from the eye was SEE.

EXCITING is the same sign for MANY.......I should have signed HOW MANY

CORRECT was the other sign. It was not properly on camera which is why you  only saw two thumbs sideways!! my fault

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    • Sorry I didn't look at the site until late on Friday. Can we try to agree some time on Sunday or perhaps one evening next week. I presume we can both "enter" a Beginners Chat Room at an agreed day and time and see how we get on.
    • +Sorry the above message should read....pulling it slowly across mouth to the RIGHT side not left.
    • I also do not know the chat room system.  It would be great meeting virtually to practice, I am usually free on Fridays or Sundays but can do some evenings
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    • I am fairly new to BSL, although I have known the alphabet for almost my whole life.  I have always wanted to learn to sign for conversation and communication but have never got around to it.  It's a hot topic, quite rightly, at the moment and an interaction (me alphabetically spelling out a directive to a BSL using customer in my job today) have spurred me on to do it.   So here I am!  i look forward to reading your comments and being a part of this community.
    • Hi Claudette, I have also recently started learning BSL online. Having to go over and over the signs and "grammar" but it is slowly sinking in. Like you, I don't have anyone to practice with and when ever I have looked at the Chat Room there never seems to be anyone there (I am not sure I know how the system works to be honest). I would be game to try meeting virtually to practice.
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