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Hello, I’m new to learning to sign

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I’m new to learning sign language, I am enjoying this course so far & will be looking for someone to chat with.  I live on the Isle of Wight.  Mother to one 10 year old and 2 crazy kittens.  I enjoy walking, hobby photography and crochet.  

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Hi both! I hope you guys get this notification 🙂

I also live on the island and am learning - maybe we could make a group chat? I use discord and it is good for typing and video calls. Let me know!


(I'm 19)

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Hi,  group chat good idea.  What is discord? 

I am fully hearing but always had an interest in BSL and final got round to beginning to learn.  Bit slow going as have to fit it in around work & home life. 

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Okay cool! 

Discord is like an app that is really good for "group chats". You can use it on a computer too.

I will message you the invite link to the server (think of a server like a group chat) I have made. It will guide you to make a discord account and then join you into the server!

Slow is okay :D

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