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sarah roo

Online classes vs Evening classes

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Hi all,


I am really interested in learning BSL however I have looked at some of the Level 1 courses available and most start in September meaning I would have to wait a whole year to enroll and they are also really expensive. 

Has anyone learnt purely from the Online Courses and is it possible to self teach? I just wondered then if I wanted to progress to a course at Level 2 and gain the accredation for this does anyone know if this is possible without doing an evening level 1 course but by doing the online course? 

I would be grateful of any advice and suggestions – happy signing :-) 

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Hi Sarah,

I have only just started bsl learning, about 4 weeks in now, and doing a purely online course. I get videos each week to watch and go away and practice, and then I book a tutorial and have a skype tutorial where I am asked questions and I sign. It is all signing, which is great practice. The website is bslcourses.co.uk 

You can choose to not do the actual qualifications and just do the training. Because a tutor works with you, they agree that you can go onto the next one. I’ve decided to just do this and eventually go onto the nvq level 6 where I then would do the assignments. It is cheaper not having to do the qualifications in between. I guess if I decided to stop for any reason, I would probably do the exams at whatever level I was at.

Anyway, I am really loving it. I hope that helped!


Bec :-)

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    • Sign not allowed- both hands in number 7 position with index fingers pointing to each other and shake up and down together, mouthing ‘not alliwed’. If you sign must it should be for ‘you must be nice’ ‘must walk’ ‘must stop that’ etc but not used in ‘must not’. Use ‘not allowed’ or ‘have to’ which is signed like must but raise eyebrows and mouth ‘have to’ rather than ‘must’.
    • Sign ‘person’ then sign ‘look after’ but mouth the word carer. Look at the site Spread the Sign or BSL Sign Language Dictionary. You just type in the word you’re wondering about, press search and videos pop up to watch how it’s signed. Of course there are regional signs so your area may differ but it will still be recognised by a deaf person and will do until you ask a local person. Also, some words just aren’t on there or simply don’t have a sign, so try an alternative way of saying it if possible. 
    • There won’t be anything too complicated so don’t worry. Try making little notes next to the sign to help you remember how to do it when practicing away from the teacher. E.G Name - two finger salute from temple.  Please/thank you - almost like blowing a kiss but mouthing the word. Good luck 
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