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    • Hello all,  I recently started to learn British Sign Language. I am not very far into the course, so still got a long way to go. I am in the first year of primary education at uni. Any tips on how to remember specific signs would be great. Thanks for all your help, Natalie :)
    • Afternoon everyone I learnt the sign A-Z whilst at junior school in the 80s and since then, always wanted to learn more. Yes...it's taken me a while to learn more but I wanted to do something worthwhile whilst on furlough. I'll be introducing my own junior to the online intro course also and see if she takes to it like I did as a kid. Stay safe
    • Dear All, My name is M.Nikos Demetriou. I started learning British Sign Language (BSL) last September 2020 with WDDA. I am currently on the Level 1 Signature programme (101 and 102 completed) and loving it - my teacher is super bubbly and welcoming to us all. Yesterday I joined an extra (online) course that I would recommend to you: www.British-Sign.co.uk My intentions is to see through level 1, progress to the next level and get ready for the next wave when BSL arrives to our mainstre
    • Hi everyone, I am really enjoying the course :)  My name is Clare. I work in compliance for a Humanitarian Organisation. However I am also a part time Yoga teacher and have taken up BSL to eventually (hopefully I can become good enough) run some classes in sign language. I have noticed that Yoga classes can be very inaccessible and would ike to open mine up so that everyone can get involved. I also plan to arrange classes for people with visual impairments. 
    • I’m Ellie, I’m 16 and from manchester. I started learning sign language bc i’m generally really interested in sign language and i feel like this one especially could come in handy in the future aha
    • Hi Everyone,   My name is Charlotte, I'm 22 and I live in the Midlands. I work as a cover teacher in a secondary school. I have wanted to learn sign language for a while now and it was my goal for this year to learn. I am really enjoying the course and can't wait to properly be able to sign! Hope you are all enjoying the course:)
    • Hello, my name is Katie, i'm a 39 year old Mum of 3 boys and I am currently a supply teacher. I work mainly with SEND and ASD children 1-1. I have like most people been going t bit stir crazy, so when i saw this course yesterday morning i couldn't wait to start! I am loving it and feel so excited with myself that i was able to introduce myself! I'm not a huge fan of videoing myself, that in itself was an achievement! Hope to speak to anyone else during the course  Katie 
    • Hello everyone, my name is Alice. I'm excited to be joining this forum to meet lots of new people who are also learning sign language, and I can see there are lots of you. I'm 22 years old, still living at the parents house but due to hopefully move out soon. I have been wanting to learn sign language properly for a while now but never got round to finding some where I could go to learn, but now that I have found this I have lots of motivation to complete Level 1. I will admit I have
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