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In English, there are three words that sound like "two: two, to, and too.

Then the word "too" has two meanings:

1. As well - e.g. "I love Rose Tyler too", "I bring a banana to every party too"

2. Excessively - e.g. "The name Raxacoricofallapatorius is too long", "You blinked too slowly"

It is very easy to find the sign for this first meaning of "too"! However, the only thing I can find for the second one is the sign for "too much" (like signing "day" but waggling your fingers). Can you help?

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The second meaning i.e. excessively isn't a sign by itself in the context of the above sentences.

You would use facial expression and emphasis when doing the signs i.e. to display 'too long, too slowly'.


Other than that, you could explain/expand the meaning with multiple signs/description if emphasis wouldn't create the context. 

Hope that helps.

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