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Practice partners, any level wanted

Shaun Cleary

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Hi All,

I'm looking for practice partners in the North West or via Skype. I have the level 1 certificate and have completed level 2 training (awaiting results) with a plan to move onto level 3 in the next month should I pass one of the productive exams from the level 2 (passed 201 receptive).  Sticking points for me at moment are around the productive side, particularly where being recorded. 

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Great and congratulations! I'm supposed to be starting next week on the 3 but still awaiting 202 and 203 results as we did the 202 three weeks before Christmas and 201 and 203 in one evening two weeks before Christmas. I use sign daily with work as work with learning disabilities but it's more command-response type sign. Not conversational. I will dig out my skype username and post it later. Thanks

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