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Hello! My name is Casey. I want to learn more BSL. (ASL translation: I use ASL as my primary language but now I want to learn BSL) Thank you!

I would appreciate if anyone would be willing to practice with me and correct my BSL signs.

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    • Hello! I'm completely new to this and felt like this would be a brilliant time to learn a new skill! My friend recently learned sign language and it is something I've always found interesting!
    • It's been 17 years since I last did any sign language, and I have forgotten a lot of what I had learnt as I haven't used it on a regular basis.  Now I'm on furlough leave I felt that it was an ideal time to brush up and re-learn.  Although a lot of the signs so far are familiar, I've found that some are different to the signs I used previously
    • Hi everyone.  I first did a sign language course 17 years ago, one of the reasons was my brother in law is deaf and although he is fantastic at lip reading I wanted to be able to sign with him too.  I also taught my baby daughter basic signs so she communicate before she could speak.  However, as I didn't use this every day I have forgotten a lot of signs; I thought that now I'm on furloughed leave it would be an idea time to brush up on my sign language and put it to good use! 😀
    • Hello, My name is Afton, I have wanted to learn sign language for a very long time but have never pushed myself to do it. I did a tiny bit back when I helped run youth groups, I would sign songs but that is about as far as my experience stretches. I work as an actor/creative and want to try and make the work that I create more inclusive which would begin with the knowledge of a language that would open up my levels of creating accessibility. I always strive for inclusiveness but I know ther
    • Hi everyone, I'm Tiffany and I am a Canadian living in the UK. I work in Early Years and I think learning this new skill would be beneficial as it would enhance my teaching and interactions with the children.
    • Hi Everyone, I'm an Actor working on stage and screen. I also work as a facilitator running workshops and making theatre with young people through Theatre's education departments. Via projects in special schools previously i knew my alphabet and very very basic signs, leaning more towards Makaton. So this all feels fresh. Looking to connect with people also learning and certainly interested in any projects that would combine the British Sign Language and my work as an Actor.  Feel free
    • Hi, how is everyone getting on learning your new skill?  As with a lot of people currently, I’ve found myself with time on my hands. I dont want to waste it so decided I would learn something ... and here I am. X
    • Hi everyone!  So I love musical theatre but I can't find a sign for it?  Please could someone tell me if I'm just being stupid and can't find it/what you use instead? Seems like a lot to fingerspell! Thanks
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