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      Introduce yourself to the community by telling us a little bit about yourself and your interest or experience of American Sign Language.

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      Tips and advice for using this website.

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    1. Why are you learning AUSLAN?

      Why did you decide to learn Sign Language?  Share your AUSLAN story with the community.

    2. What is the AUSLAN sign for:

      Ask the community how to sign a certain word or to translate a sign that you have seen but do not know the meaning for.

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    3. AUSLAN Songs, Stories, & Poems

      Share songs, stories, & poems in Australian Sign Language.

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    4. AUSLAN Practice Zone

      Practice your AUSLAN signing skills here with a short description or story and let other people give you feedback.

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    5. Courses & Classes

      Share tips, information, and stories about your experiences of learning sign language.

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    6. AUSLAN in Schools

      Discuss your thoughts and ideas for learning and using Australian Sign Language in schools.

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    1. Deaf Culture

      Chat & discussion around Deaf culture and identity.

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      Discuss things that are happening locally and around the world.

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      A board to chat about other things.

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