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  1. Hi Lysandor ! You are right, I am actually studying English and ASL in order to move to US or Canada, both seems awesome to me. I learned LSF during a job experience once for a client. I wanted to learn more but everything courses was out of price for a 14 years old's wallet. I grew up and discover that sign language was not only "French oriented", that every country had its own signs. Learning ASL is both fun and interesting. I'd love to go to ASL event once I go there.

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  2. Hi everybody, my name is Damien, I am French and started to learn ASL alone with Professor Bill Vicars' video. (Is this French guy lost?) Well nope, I hope to learn more about Deaf/ Hard-Of-Hearing Culture even though I am hearing. I can't only learn by heart, I am eager to live/use this language :D. Keep in mind [is this the right word??] the time gap between France and where you live, but I hope it won't stop us from learning together... Have a nice day and maybe see you soon !!! :D

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