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  2. Katelyn K

    Beginner in ASL

    Hi there! I am studying ASL at Gallaudet University, but my biggest problem is I lack confidence when I sign. I am really looking for someone who will have patience to practice with me. Thanks! Katelyn
  3. Katelyn K


    Hi Barbara - I am a beginner but I learned echo as the sign at the end of the video I uploaded. What does Google say it is?
  4. Katelyn K

    Let's chat!

    Hey Katie - I am learning ASL still but I was hoping we could practice together! @kk5647a
  5. Katelyn K

    Glide IDs for those interested in practicing

    My glide id is @clrduib Thank you!
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  7. FlowerLady

    new mom to a deaf baby

    Hi Gina, First, congratulations on your new baby! It sounds like you are on your way to being well prepared! I am a retired Braille teacher and have been taking an ASL class for a few weeks. I would be happy to practice with you sometime. I will send you a video after I figure out how to use this system. It may take me a few days. Post a list of the baby vocabulary/signs you have learned so that those of us who wish to contact you will have something to get us started.
  8. gina pinheiro

    new mom to a deaf baby

    hi there my name is gina. i found out that my 4 month old baby is deaf and i want to learn sign language. i know the alphabet numbers 1 to 10 about 30 baby signs ad i know how to say nice to meet you. looking for someone to learn with me
  9. gina pinheiro

    Hard of hearing, wanting to learn to sign

    hi there my name is gina. i just found out that my 4 month old baby is deaf and want to learn sign language. so far i know about 20 baby signs the alphabet an numbers 1 to 10 i also learned how to say i love you and nice to meet you but am looking for someone to learn with me!
  10. Barbara


    I too am just learning and trying to find reference material at the Library and on-line. A lot out there but very confusing. I need an asl description for echo. If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated. Do not agree with the only one I can find on google. Thank you.
  11. tmscarlett10

    Hello, I'm Katie!

    Hi Katie! I am hard of hearing, but have never been pushed by anyone to learn to sign, so never did. My hearing though seems to just continue to get worse, so I'm pushing myself. I would love someone to practice with! I am in the beginners stage, and only know a handful of signs, can have short conversations depending on the topic. I am thinking of starting a club at Job Corps, where I'm studying, and think that this kind of video chat site would be a good idea to help others learn also. Give me a shout out of you're interested in chatting or signing. Have a great day!
  12. Hi. Name's Tiffany. I've been hard of hearing for almost 20 years now, and have wanted to learn to sign for a long time. I found it extremely difficult to learn on my own, so I'm hoping some people here would be willing to learn with me, and some friends. Thinking of starting a club here at Job Corps 😊
  13. There are so many companies which provide ASL translation services. But we can find a professional ASL interpreter & what are the qualities which needs to be consider?
  14. MelissaL

    Chat Room Activity

    Hi I am hard of hearing in my right ear and I have some hearing loss in my left ear . I wear a hearing aid in my right ear . I am really want to learn American Sign Language and I am not sure where to go to do that . I know how to sign Abc's , thank you, please , sorry, fine I really dont know a lot of signs.
  15. Edward

    Who wants me to teach you ASL?

    If the offer's still there then could you teach me too? I'm self taught and know no one to practice with cx
  16. Edward


    No idea how this works ... I'm Edward, I'm hearing, and I've been learning ASL since childhood. I'm British and live in the UK, so my times are a little different, but I've been obsessed for as long as I can remember. I know the BSL alphabet but only know ASL for conversing. An 'ASL bud' would be rather helpful I think so that's why I'm here cx
  17. KatieShade

    Let's chat!

    I've come to the conclusion that I'm only ever online here when nobody else is lol. However, I have a Snapchat I could use to sign videos back and forth that could work. If anyone wants to chat that way (until I stop living like a vampire and get on this website at normal hours of the day), my snap is kate_lovinglife
  18. George Munoz

    hi everyone

    Hello Sebastien, I'm George I'm from Texas I'm hard of hearing and might loose my hearing completely in a couple of years. I'm also learning American Sign Language slowly so I need new deaf friends.
  19. KatieShade

    Hey y'all!

    Hi! My name is Katie and I'm trying to re-learn ASL! I know a lot of random words and I can sign in an English grammar structure, but I'm trying to become proficient and sharpen my skills so I could go to a Deaf community event/gathering and survive the night! As long as I'm awake and not at work, I'm totally willing to sign and chat with anyone! Hope to meet some of you soon! 🙂
  20. attilio1911

    hi everyone

    my email is [email protected] if any of you would like to contact me.
  21. attilio1911

    hi everyone

    hi everyone, my name is sebastien. i am deaf but i have good speaking and ASL skills. I would like to make new friends here and teach more ASL to anyone who has basic ASL. I know many signs and like to learn new signs.
  22. sara23


    My name is Miss. Sara Abdel , i like your profile and i will like to know more about you. Please contact me with my email address. [email protected]
  23. sara23

    Intro / Learning ASL

    My name is Miss. Sara Abdel , i like your profile and i will like to know more about you. Please contact me with my email address. [email protected]
  24. sara23


    My name is Miss. Sara Abdel , i like your profile and i will like to know more about you. Please contact me with my email address. [email protected]
  25. Yakuba Came

    Creating numbers

    hello there
  26. Honestly, I've seen this video many times and still love it!
  27. Katiecao


    Hey guys, my name is Katie Cao and I’m a college student at the University of North Texas. I’ve been interested in taking ASL my whole life, and now my dream came true. I’m almost done with ASL 2 here and about to take ASL 3. Nice to meet y’all! And I’m always up for one-on-one video chat to practice!
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