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  3. Let me know if you would like to chat! PM me anytime
  4. Kristen Saine

    ASL Beginner

    Hello! I am hearing and learning ASL as well. I have been studying for about 5 years. If you want help let me know!
  5. Last week
  6. Simon (admin)

    Hi Lets chat

    Hello @Bison - welcome to the forum. For details of how to post video directly from your webcam or mobile please see this post: https://www.signlanguageforum.com/asl/topic/66-recording-video/
  7. Im a college student just ready to expand my practice and learn how to sign to real people more frequently. ANYBODY
  8. Hi, I’m 15 I am hearing but I’m learning ASL by myself. I want to make friends that know ASL and can help me get better and even fluent.
  9. Bison

    Hi Lets chat

    How do you get to post and use the camera???????
  10. Miranda Lopez

    Need help to practice ASL

    Hey there! I would love to sign with you!
  11. Hey y'all, I started learning ASL last year at my school when I was accidentally put into that class and I instantly fell in love with ASL and deaf culture and I wanted to continue taking it this year. I already completed ASL 1, but I recently realized that I forgot how to sign a lot of things. I really want to continue learning as I plan to double major in Psychology and ASL.
  12. Hi, I’m new at this forum and I am in an ASL beginners program to learn the language. I need all the help I can get. I am really interested to work as an interpreter some day. Wish me luck!
  13. cj2006mccall

    ASL Beginner

    Hey I am new to the site. Didn't know it existed. I want to grow in ASL so that I can teach others effectively. I am a pro track and field athlete and a world Geography, Civics teacher and track coach. -youtube: "Sprinter Action Jackson"-
  14. Adriana Roman

    Hi!! New ASL signer herr

    I am also taking ASL 2!
  15. Adriana Roman


    Hello, my name is Adriana and I’m taking ASL 2. I am willing to practice with others in order to improve my skills as well. I am learning ASL because I feel it is important have a good understanding and communication with someone. Also, I have a lot of deaf customers in my store and I use to communicate to them with just pencil and paper. I grew out of that and decided to learn some ASL. I am hoping to expand my skills and get more practice! I am also adding it as a minor to hopefully be an interpreter
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  17. Nick

    Hi!! New ASL signer herr

    Welcome to the forum! Hope you find plenty of folks here to practice with!
  18. Miranda Lopez

    Hi!! New ASL signer herr

    HEY THERE! I’m in asl 2 and am getting one of my degrees in asl. I’d love to chat with you and practice :)
  19. Rolando Lucero Villalobos


  20. I am new to signing. I am on week 5 of ASL 1. Looking to make friends and practice.
  21. Marc Stone

    Hello from ASL2 signer.

    I'm in Florida so not only is there a time difference, but it's also 5:52am there. I work from home though so I'm available during the day to practice.
  22. At Simanim we design a wide range of products from jewellery to homeware paying tribute to American Sign Language. Our hope is that these designs will draw attention and create dialogue around sign language, an expressive language with depth and beauty. https://www.simanimng.com 🤟🏻
  23. Guyfritz09

    Need help

    Hello, I'm starting my beginner level ASL class and need to find some one willing to help me practice while I'm at work in the late late night. I chose ASL because I feel like it's a drastically under rated and necessary language in the modern age. I'm prior law enforcement (and I'm planning to go back into it after college) and on multiple occasions I was put in a situation where I had to try to communicate with a deaf person who was irate or distraught about the situation. In every situation, no one knew a hearing signer or where we could even reach one. I never want to put someone in that kind of situation again, I'm there to help keep things calm and my lack of communication skills only made things worse for everyone. Sorry about the video I made it at the end of my work shift (4:00 AM) so I was REALLY tired. I look forward to signing with you
  24. Mina

    Hello from ASL2 signer.

    Awesome. I'd love to practice I am in California not sure where you are and if their is a time difference between us at all.
  25. Kpurvis

    Newbie to ASL

    Yep I agree😊
  26. Marc Stone

    Hello from ASL2 signer.

    I'm also in ASL 2 and would love to practice. I feel like receptive skills need work and that seems like the easiest way. Let me know if you'd like to practice sometime.
  27. Hello my name is Mina and I am currently taking ASL 2. I joined this site because I don't know any deaf people to sign with or anyone in general who I can sign with outside of my classroom. I would really like to improve in My Signing skills and also be able to retain the information that is being taught in the classroom and so on. I feel that in order to improve in my retention and signing abilities is to put them to practice which I do at home to myself but I know that I need to be able to practice it with another person or a group of people. I hope that I can find some people can practice with me and vice versa.
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