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  1. Yesterday
  2. This sign means 30 min. or a 1/2 an hour : )
  3. Would you like to join a chat room sometime this week?
  4. I have been learning ASL since this August . But I would still love to practice with someone!
  5. What level of learning are you at? I'm a beginner and I can sign the alphabet. If you need a partner at a Beginner level I'd love to do it.
  6. Last week
  7. Hi, I'm addi and I need to practice with people for my ASL college class! I am looking for a partner between now and Saturday.
  8. I'm learning the ASL alphabet. If anyone could give me feedback on how I'm doing, I would really appreciate it!
  9. Hello! My name is Rain and I am of hearing! I am half Japanese-Chinese but moved to Canada when I was eight. I have always wanted to learn ASL! I grew up with a mute Japanese friend and I regret not learning Japanese Sign. I have just learned to Alphabet and numbers 1-20~ Have a wonderful day and I hope to video chat to learn more~!
  10. 🥄Hi my name is Joseph Ryan donohoe i am 16 years old from long island new York i have been doing ASL for over 6 years now because of the guy on my right in the picture below witch is my 15 year oold
  11. Earlier
  12. sounds good! this is my Skype ID live:ch53142
  13. Hello, my name is Thomas. My son is going to college to get his degree for ASL and I thought I would learn signing to talk with him. Always wanted to learn another language and since he wants to "sign" for a career I am hoping to help him achieve it by giving him someone to practice with. Thanks for any and all help this venue wan and will give to me.
  14. i have some experience with Skype we can go with that although I'm not entirely sure how to find you through Skype
  15. i use skype but am always open to other platforms
  16. Hello everyone! I’m in an ASL 1 class at my school, but because of the recent pandemic, I haven’t been able to practice signing. If anyone would be interested in practicing, I would be glad to talk with you! I am a beginner (I know my alphabet and most numbers as well as other signs that don’t involve finger spelling), so please be patient with me. Also, here’s a few facts about me! 1. I have 3 cats! 2. I am autistic and proud! 3. I was nonverbal for a long time, so I used sign language to communicate until I was 4 years old. 4. I love to draw, sing, write— I’m basically just really artsy. Thanks for reading my introduction, I hope to meet some lovely people soon!
  17. My name is Ashley and I am currently a junior in high school in Arizona. My interest in sign language has only been growing with age so I am excited to finally gain this skill set. I have just began ASL 1 in an online course at a community college. It is a 14 week course and I would love to embark along this journey with another learner so I can practice my skills and make a new friend in the process! My skills are very weak at this point so someone with a similar skill set would be very helpful. I hope I will be able to learn and help someone else in the process😊
  18. Hey Kristinn! My name is Ashley and I am 16 years old. I just started an ASL class as well through an online community college and was also looking for someone to sign with! I am currently on week 2 of a 14 week course so my skills are very novice at the moment just a heads up. Hope we can be in touch soon
  19. what platform do you use for chatting/videos?
  20. finishing ASL 2 within a month or so and then going to level 3! no problem at all. I'm sure we can teach each other a thing or two. always better to have someone to sign with than not. What platform do you use for chatting/video chat?
  21. Hi! I just started learning ASL and Im looking for new friends that are learning as well and have someone to sign with! Let me know! My glide code is: lfxwmgp
  22. Hey! Absolutely! What's your level? I started recently, but I can say a lot of basic things now I think.
  23. hello claire! i am in the same situation with school and what not... it is getting difficult to sign just with myself, feel like I'm losing more information than retaining. would you want to chat sometime?
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