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  2. Nise Baker

    Wanting to practice more ASL :)

    Hi there! My name is Denise and I am also a student learning ASL. I am brand new on this platform so any helpful tips or if you are down to practice, please let me know! Nise
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  4. Toussaint Alain

    Asl lover

    I'm kind a beginner, but not really.i can say i'm learning asl in my own, because i'm passionate. It's trully amazing. Everything is fun about it. I'm glad to be with you guys and i hope to get better at signing and help others to get better too. So let's sign it!
  5. Melissa Roberts

    Introducing Myself!

    Hey! My name is Melissa Roberts and I joined to further my learning in ASL as well as gain practice communicating in sign. I am a sign language interpreting major in Florida
  6. Jessicajay

    word "job" how to sign

    I'm from the United States. I've been to a few different states and they all signed Job the way lysandor signed it.
  7. Jay Richardson

    Wanting to practice more ASL :)

    @Anna Finley and @Brittany Long I'm currently in an ASL class in college and open for practice to help develop/refresh skills!
  8. Brittany Long

    Wanting to practice more ASL :)

    Hey! I would love to video chat sometime and practice. I am also trying to learn more and develop my skill. I took a class in college in the past just trying to refresh my memory since it's been a while!
  9. Hey guys! I am currently taking ASL classes in college but I really want to practice more and develop better skills outside of my classes, if anyone would want to practice together or anything I'd really enjoy it. Thanks!
  10. Brittany Long

    Looking for a practice buddy

    Hey everyone! I am new to this site trying to meet new people to help grow my skill in ASL! I took an ASL class in college but am refreshing my memory and would love to be able to practice with people so I can get better. So if anyone would love to meet and can help please let me know!
  11. Jessie Letteer

    Beginner ASL

    Hi! I am a writer, and one of my developing characters is deaf. I really want to delve into deaf culture and really capture everything there is to it. I started learning ASL about a month ago, and I love it. I am self studying through books, online lesson plans and flashcards. The only thing missing is someone to practice with, even if it's just five minutes a day
  12. lilly willams

    ASL in Public Education

    Communication plays an essential role in everyone’s life. There are so many benefits if we provide ASL to children in public schools. Like learning sign language aides young hearing children, including babies and toddlers, in developing oral language quicker. Children learn better with a ASL translator if we provide to them. There numbers of companies that are providing ASL translator services one of them is Languages Unlimited.
  13. Kyooo15

    NEED PRACTICE BUDDY! (beginner asl)

    I would love to help you, i also need someone to practice with. I have been doing ASL for just a couple years and am taking a class in public school for it. but it would be awesome to have a practice buddy to help get better at it.
  14. A. Student

    What to do and where to start?

    I would suggest using lifeprint.com to learn some basic signs, especially fingerspelling (get GOOD at that), then just go to a Deaf event. Deaf people are friendly and will be glad to meet you, if you have basic vocab. Lifeprint has free dictionary and ASL1 and 2 Course videos. Suggestion: silent dinner. Be ready and able to explain who you are, why you are interested in asl, and some background info. Know basic signs that allow you to ask for repetition, clarification, slower signing, etc. Also, know most ASL 1 vocab if possible, but not required. get to the point of being able to "read " fingerspelling on online practice sites with a ""moderate" speed at least. Please anyone who's Deaf correct me if I'm wrong about this.
  15. lilly willams

    What to do and where to start?

    If you want to practice ASL then contact the professionals of Languages Unlimited. You can visit https://www.languagesunlimited.com/
  16. Kimber Perez

    NEED PRACTICE BUDDY! (beginner asl)

    can someone help me practice asl
  17. Kimber Perez

    video chatting

    i would like to practice asl with somebody, thank you
  18. Hey friends! Happy Deaf Awareness Month. My name is Adison. I am hearing. I am 24 years old. I am from California. I live in Washington DC now. I'm hoping to move soon but that's a different story. I work as a flight attendant. I love my job and it is a ton of fun! I learned ASL in college. From the first class, I just fell in love. The language is just beautiful, the culture is amazing, and I wanted to just learn it all. I got pretty good and was easily holding conversations. But I graduated and stopped signing. I stopped taking ASL courses and practicing. Naturally, I lost my knowledge of the language. Fast forward three years to now. I've decided to relearn the language. I have been using the internet, watching Youtube and Instagram. With my job, I travel a lot and am usually gone for 20 days every month making it hard to take an actual class. But I have found some great people and now I found this website. I want to meet you all and practice and just chat. Thank you for watching and I'm excited to meet you!Side note, not signed. I have retained a fair amount of vocab but a lot of the grammar has escaped me. If you have any corrections I would greatly appreciate them!
  19. tabrizia

    Mentor me please

    Hi made a new friend and i really want some help learning to better communicate with her. Im enrolled in a class and my lecturer says practice makes perfect. i can finger spell and some pronouns so far.
  20. I have a few questions for deaf people, I am doing a project pls be honest if you are deaf or not. I tried to make sure these questions would not be offensive to anyone in the deaf community. Please answer the following 1: Do you feel because you are deaf you have less of a voice in your community? 2: Can you lip read and speak? 3: Do you feel hearing people should learn ASL because you have been forced to adapt to a hearing society and you can speak to us so why shouldn't we be able to speak to you. 4: Is it hard having hearing parrents, what's the hardest part? 6: What is your favorite type of entertainment? 7: Do you watch Netflix? What is it like for you? How do you watch it? With subtitles? 8: How do you experience music, what does it mean to you? What's your favorite artist? 10: Do you feel the police should know ASL so that they can communicate with people in the deaf community? 11: What is school like for you? 12: Where you brought up in the deaf or hearing world? 13: What is your social life like? 14: What are some things people have said to you about your deafness that were unitentialy rude and upsetting. 15: Do you feel most people view being deaf as a disability?
  21. Hello there! The other day I have received a picture of the kid I’m sponsoring. She posed making a sign with her hand, and I have never seen that before (and yes, she is deaf). Any clues? Your help is appreciated 🙂
  22. Taryn w


    If you need to help or want to talk I be glad to do some
  23. A. Student


  24. Hi Everyone! I am Jennifer and I am the president of our ASL Club at my college and I am interested in having a deaf and hard of hearing awareness week at my school. I am looking for speakers near the Harrisburg, Lebanon Area in Pennsylvania so if you know someone please let me know! If anyone has any idea as to how to go about this week besides speakers becuase I know that can get a little redundant, please let me know! Thank you and have a great day!
  25. Lysandor

    Please help identify sign

    There's a variation on this that you will see sometimes as well where just the thumbs rotate.
  26. dalejr2148

    Please help identify sign

    That is SOCIALIZE
  27. Varsik Barseghyan

    NEED PRACTICE BUDDY! (beginner asl)

    Hi snowflake!Can you help me for my ASL homework?
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