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  3. The cornerstone of a Muslim's beliefs and practices is the Shahada, the First Pillar of Islam. The Shahada, which declares, "There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is His messenger," embodies the central notion of the unity of deity and Muhammad's prophetic status. Adhering to the teachings of Islam and living by its tenets is symbolized by accepting the Shahada First Pillar of Islam. This confession of faith is significant and transforming because it is a must for everyone wishing to convert to Islam.
  4. Hello everyone! I'm a 21 year old Male from the southwest of The United Kingdom. I am a hearing professional who uses BSL daily while supporting Deaf individuals in the classroom and other unique living environments. My other hobbies as well as learning languages are bushcraft, travelling, hiking, music production and socialising! Recently my ASL has developed to a conversational standard and so with this, I wanted to commit every Fri/Sat of mine throughout the Summer to a three-hour window where anyone and everyone regardless of background will be welcome to pop into a Zoom call and practice/talk with whatever sign they have! I wanted to keep this short and sweet and so anyone perhaps unsure of joining is more than welcome to message me directly for a chat! I look forward to meeting you all
  5. I’ve always loved having options to switch up my home’s look, and the slipcovers for couches from Menotti gave me just that. They fit perfectly and are incredibly easy to change out when I want a new colour or pattern. It’s like having several couches in one! These covers are a smart choice if you like refreshing your decor often.
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  7. Yes! I have not yet to find anyone to talk to
  8. until

    Hi, I'm hoping to join today's signing call! How can I access? Thanks!
  9. I haven’t had in-depth conversations with anyone who had to use sign language their whole life owing to the fact that I haven't met many, and even the ones I did, I just didn't. So, I will ask my questions here: I know there's no other option, but I am more interested in the logistics part--how did you learn sign language as a person with hearing/speech impairments? Since language (any mode of communication) works on consensus, what was your formal training in sign language? In the process of learning it, did it ever feel as if it was coming naturally to you? or rather, the sign language being at odds with your natural expressive instincts? "If I didn't do this thing, I would have signaled it in a different way" experiences. The above questions are a sort of setting up questions for my actual question. It's about the personal variations of it. More than regional variations (if any that is), I am more interested in personal variations i.e., you signal a specific thing or a feeling differently than the larger populace because your parents did it that way or you were used to it that way since you were a kid or whatever. Since they are very common in English or any other language, how common and how frequent are they in sign language? Forgive me if I have used offensive language anywhere, I earnestly tried not to. Any and all answers are appreciated, even directions to other appropriate forums I can ask this in!
  10. Sorry if this is the wrong category, I picked the one that seemed to fit best. How would I go about finger spelling two words in a row? How would I show the space between them?
  11. Good Luck for the ASL 1 online school. I won't be able to provide you with any knowledge or advice for conversation skills. Hope you get a reliable resource. I can help you out regarding assignments as I know a person who has taken online assignment writing services in UK. He told me, that he was extremely satisfied by their team of writers, because they provided him guidance on assignment writing and helped improved his grades
  12. I noticed this shirt online but do not recognize the second hand as the letter t. Is this an ironic mistake or am I missing something? New to ASL so wondering what the designer intended. See attached image from Amazon. Thanks in advance!
  13. Hello, Coming to you from Louisiana. Just signed up and am looking forward to freshening up my signs and learning to improve.
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  15. Hi! I just started ASL today with great interest. As of now, I only know the basics including the alphabets, numbers 1-20, a few colors, and pronouns. Although I will only be learning on my free time, I still hope that I will be able to make friends here and learn together with them! 💙
  16. Hey there, I'd be interested to chat and see if our levels match well for practicing together Message me!
  17. I have not started learning yet, but am needing to get motivated to start! I have a hearing processing disorder and my Dr encouraged me to learn. I'd love new friends to learn with!
  18. Would be willing. Although i only know a little. I hope you would still consider!
  19. Hi there, just a gal in her mid 20s. I've been learning ASL for about 9 months now. I'm looking for folks to video chat with, please send me a message or write a comment if you're interested!
  20. Excellent Ryan!! Thank you for making the video, good job, from one novice to another. ~Marry
  21. Hello! you can refer to me as Daisy. I am learning ASL, but i think it is not enough that I only learn through youtube. I am willing to be in a zoom call or google meet so that I can really practice ASL with a person. I hope one of you will be willing to learn with me.
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