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  2. it is just fingerspelling but it is easy if you want to look at it go for it. i hope the url works on your computers it does here but it is already mine gg. (https://www.facebook.com/stephen.givens.12/s )
  3. I speak spanish learng english and sing language the same time. My pasion is ASL language because my mama and dad are deaf and others families. My goal is to be a teacher or interpreter.
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  5. If anyone is interested please email me at [email protected] and [email protected] and please tell me what you think of it. i am still working on the number but i am almost ready with that and it is just as easy as the fingerspell. this method because it is based on math should be super easy to learn. i hope you guys like it.
  6. You have a right to your language you have a right to your culture but we live in the world now that you cannot hold on to this right to keep it all to yourselves and expect us to figure out a way jump the bridge
  7. I haven't read through everything but I can only say having been in interpreters School that the reason we want to practice with deaf people is because we want the ability to learn the speed and the mannerisms that come when that is your native language. Asking someone to practice French in a room full of practicing French speaking people doesn't allow them to speak French fluently
  8. Yes! I'm very interested! I would love to have a practice buddy. I am hearing, and I want to have real practices with someone instead of just looking in the mirror while signing XD . I'm a beginner, maybe I can learn a bit from you!
  9. HEYA! I'm hearing, but I really wanna become fluent in sign language so I can broaden my circle and to learn more about the deaf community. I know it must be hard out there for those who are deaf in such a pre-dominant hearing environment, and I wanna lighten that load by learning ASL. Whether Deaf, or Hearing... Can we practice together? I'd say I'm a beginner. I know the alphabet, and how to fingerspell. But my speed is lacking. I know some phrases as well. Would love to meet you!
  10. the method i know will work is this android program and then this icon at the bottom inside then when it happens as i tried to send in for them to modify the match game to use the videos too with the augmentation of hover backlighting ones previously done to make you sure that you got it right. remember video match game is the answer for the language i learned sign fingerspell in six hours.
  11. Our first ASL Workbook (numbers and counting) of (hopefully) many others! Communication and math skills are essential in a child's development: learn and play with those cool and convenient sheets you can print at home! https://www.etsy.com/listing/1019160478/asl-counting-pre-k-skills-workbook Remember to share our shop with friends and leave a positive review :D Thanks for stopping by! www.mamaishere.com @mamaishere2021
  12. i am learning just in case and i have found important stuff. use asl sign fingerspell match game. listed below are the icons to get there with the android app. first then the memory game which is match game. then use this website that we are on for speed sign reading. what i need if anybody is listening is a speed signing program that uses a webcam to learn to sign back to people at high speed ok. that is what i am doing here. also a match to go with videos where you watch and choose a word or phrase in match game form would be good with these features. watch, pick then when you hover bo
  13. We are ASL learners who meet most Fridays at 11 EST to chat and polish skills, and invite others to join us. We are advanced beginner/early intermediate signers but all are welcome!
  14. Interested! I am in ASL 103 and can use the practice.
  15. Hi there! I'm also in Cali working through the lessons on Lifeprint.com. Would you like to practice some of the content from those lessons sometime, discord or zoom works for me? 🤙
  16. We are ASL learners who meet most Fridays at 11 EST to chat and polish skills, and invite others to join us. We are advanced beginner/early intermediate signers but all are welcome!
  17. DocH


    Hi All. I have been signing for awhile. Always looking for others who sign and places to practice.
  18. Hi, my name is Alexandra and I'm Portuguese. Although I am not deaf, I am interested in learning ASL and I'm currently trying to develop my knowledge with free resources found online. I live in England, but I would like one day to be able to actually study ASL or something related to arts in North of America. I'm very quiet and shy, but it would be nice to meet new people online that know or are learning ASL 😊
  19. Hello all. My name is Denise & I am from Calif. I have been studying ASL for many years now, however this year is the year that I have been studying it the most. I took ASL 101 at our community college here on the Central Coast & plan on continuing my education. For now, working with my Bro in law who is a CODA & with Chris & Johnnie Gorges online as well as other online resources. Lifeprint.com Spread the Sign Sign School etc Looking to practice & people to practice with I am also on Zoom as well as Discord I am level Beginner ASL for now Tha
  20. Hello errbody, my name is Dylan, 25. In the past, I was at a moderate-speed-but-pretty-conversational level, having the awesome blessing of a deaf friend who I would regularly kick it with. Since then, we have moved apart and I'd like to expand my signing circle and get back to my previous level with this beautiful language (I'm pretty rusty now) . Currently, I'm using Lifesigns.com to brush up on my skills and expand my vocabulary. My main, main goal is to enroll into an interpreter training program by the beginning of 2022 and turn this into a career. Interests include: the beach/ocea
  21. Hello all! I have been studying ASL on and off for ~5 years. I completed levels 1-5 at a school with all Deaf teachers. It’s been about 1.5 years since I actually practiced my signing and because of that I’m VERY rusty. I’m looking for an ASL practice buddy to help me expand my vocabulary and to just chat with so my signing stays fresh. I’d like to video chat 1-3x/week using a platform such as Skype or Zoom with “voices off” so that we can utilize our ASL skills and not our English ones. Please comment if you’re interested and we can figure out things from there!
  22. Hello. My name is Steve. Sorry for taking a long time to write my intro. I am hearing 46 years old gay man living in south Texas. I have one year of learning American sign language under my belt. I completed one year in April 2021. I love signing. I love learning languages. I speak Spanish as well. I attempted to learn sign language in 1998 from a book. The book was just black and white drawings and it was very difficult to understand the signs. I tried again in 2005, but with no luck. I finally dove into it a year ago. I had a very good reason for wanting to learn; personal reason
  23. Hi TuJuana! I would like to as well. Is Pennsylvania EST?
  24. I think Wednesday would be better for me? How does that sound for everyone? Also what are your proficiency levels- is anyone in here Deaf?
  25. Hello, just leaving this here again, I am a Deaf Studies Major, with focus on ASL Interpretation. Message me if you would like to practice. time zone is PST. from California.
  26. Hello, im new here at learning, im a 23 year old first time mom wanting to learn. The show i watch is called switched at birth and i learn off of that show but want to know more about how to get started and ive always been drawn to learning ASL.
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