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  • Displaying the ASL Used Here Badge

  • Display the ASL Used Here logo so that your visitors or customers know that you are able to offer services in American Sign Language or that there is an interpreter available.

    This logo should be used if you have ASL services available on a regular basis as part of your day to day offering or if your event is ASL interpreted.

    The logo can be used in a physical location (e.g. shop, hotel, bank, church, information desk etc.), on flyers for events or services, or on your website.

    If you wish you can be included in our online directory of ASL friendly businesses, events, and websites - https://www.signlanguageforum.com/asl/links/category/6-asl-used-here/.

    How would you like to use the badge?



    You can use this logo on your website if your website includes American Sign Language translations or if there is a ASL signer available for the real-world services that you offer.

    We have 3 logo sizes available for use on your website. Please copy and paste the code below and insert it into the source code of your website.

    Small Logo

    ASL Used Here

    Medium Logo

    ASL Used Here

    Large Logo

    ASL Used Here

    Flyer / Poster

    Posters & flyers

    If you are holding an event, or advertising a service, which inludes ASL interpreters then you can use this logo in your promotional materials.

    Download Logo

    Physical Location

    Shops, hotels, churches, offices, & other locations

    If you have members of staff at your place of work who are proficient in American Sign Language then you can use this logo to let your customers know that this service is available.

    You can download the logo below and print it out.

    Download Logo

    How to use this logo

    To use this logo please complete the form at the bottom of this page to let us know who you are and what services you offer. You can request for this information to be kept private or to be shared on our online directory of ASL friendly businesses (coming soon).

  • © Copyright signlanguageforum.com - This logo should be used only as outlined above. This logo may not be sold or distributed in any other way.

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