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  4. Introduce myself

    Hi, I am Sally. Just finished one semester of ASL. Would like to practice before starting semester two. But, I don't know how to work this site
  5. Just an idea [Language barrier]

    I came up with this idea mostly as a bit of fun between friends but then I watched a movie called A silent voice and I realized that this idea could be useful for the deaf / mute. Basically there is a new keyboard called tap this is the website www.tapwithus.com in case anybody is interested Anyway the basic premise of the keyboard is finger combinations = letters. this can be easily done say if you are holding somebodies hand or something you can make out what fingers they are applying pressure with a little practice. for example each of the 5 fingers is a vowel (aeiou) Here is a demonstration:
  6. Introducing Myself: Christiana

    I don't know if this thread is still monitored but I would love to join up. As well
  7. My ASL Story: The bushes

  8. Yeah totally? Could you skype?
  9. If possible I would love to practice with you guys! I'm pretty bad at signing right now, but I'm hoping I can improve.
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  11. Chat

  12. Chat

    Hi there
  13. Yeah I get that! Could we insta message though? Its a lot easier to hands free when Im signing lmao
  14. I don't have a skype do you have a snapchat or something so we can chat a little but before video chatting? I'm just cautious with new people online.
  15. Definitely Kenzie could you skype?
  16. Iv'e been learning ASL for three years now and I would love to practice with you guys if that is okay.
  17. I can’t Skype rn But There’s this app called glide that lets you send video chats if you wanna do that in the meantime
  18. Would you wanna skype rn?
  19. Hey I’ve been learning ASL for a couple years now. I’m totally down to practice with you. I’m cool with using Skype
  20. My dick is burning i need to stop touching fire...:$:$

  21. I am not deaf. In two situations I use gestures that my daughter and I invented at home in the kitchen . If in noisy situations I can't hear individual voices so then also use the gestures too. Only my daughter and I know this anymore . When I lose my voice sometimes for weeks. I use gestures . My daughter knows what they are. Years ago I ran a daycare when I would lose my voice the kids knew what they meant too. Money, or money the costs is too high, or money the costs is ok. Or money I don't know the costs yet. Theres one for august. And a whole bunch hard to explain. Like well most were one handed left handed . Sine if I'm standing I'd have my right hand doing something else. maybe I'd like to learn sign language I hope that's ok well what an idea .
  22. Hey guys! My name is Skylar, I am looking for people who are interested in practicing ASL. I am a first year ASL student; however, I learned ASL previously from a deaf friend. My dream is to become and interpreter or do anything regarding ASL. I am currently a Psychology major but as I progress more into my ASL class and meet more deaf people I realize how much I really want to change that and possibly switch schools. I love the language and want to perfect my techniques. Any one interested please message me. I would love to share practice and experiences. I have Skype and FT. I could also download Oovoo if that works for other people. Please just let me know. Thank you guys!!
  23. ASL 1, Looking for asl buddy!

    Hello G! My name is Skylar! I am actually majoring in Sign Language Interpreting as well. I am actually on this website to find someone I can practice with and become more fluent. I have Skype too!!
  24. New To ASL!!!!

    Hey I'm new to ASL. I was inspired to learn by watching Libbey from The Daily Sign, and learning from popular songs I'm excited to meet other people who are trying to learn ASL, and hopefully have some fun while we're at it!
  25. Intro

    Hey! I’m not as far along in my ASL knowledge as you but I would love to practice!
  26. ASL 1, Looking for asl buddy!

    Hey! I am also in ASL 1 at my college, but am majoring in Sign Language Interpretation so I will be fluent in a year or less. Looking for someone to ft/skype with and practice more.
  27. hi! im taking asl1 at my community college and i would love to have someone to practice asl with! im still new to asl but eventually i want to be fluent! reply to this if youre interested and we can talk some more!
  28. Unknown Sign

    ASL question.mp4
  29. Enrique Iglesias's Hero [Sean Berdy]

    I love this song but I tried to get him back but it did not work at all.
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