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    1. Casey


      For those that are new to signing, I'll write it down here for you.  If you would like to practice ASL with me feel free to text me and I will get back with you whenever I can and also would love to make new friends on here as well

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  4. I am in search of a few new friends to practice ASL with!

    Hi!! I'm Raquel! I would love to help you practice
  5. Song in ASL: Closer

    Hello! Earlier today I posted a clip of me signing Closer by the Chainsmokers in ASL. I would love to hear any feedback (good or bad) as far as the accuracy and correct grammar or words I used when translating it. Thanks! https://www.instagram.com/p/BjIspOXF0uJ/?hl=en
  6. New member looking for sign buddies

    Sorry for late reply, its been a busy work week. I am happy to practice with you both. What means would be easier: here, glide, skype? And what time zones are you in? I am MDT.
  7. New to the Site, Kinda New to ASL

    Hey!! I am so so sorry! I was busy registering for College. I'll be a freshman in the Fall Semester. Maybe we can set up a time for tomorrow?
  8. New to the Site, Kinda New to ASL

    Hi Raquel! My name is Amily and I'm going into my sophomore year of college. I have done 2 semesters of ASL classes with a completely deaf teacher and I need to stay on top of it over the summer! Let me know if you're able to chat!
  9. Last week
  10. I would love to start speaking with someone. I'm about to graduate High School soon and I've taken one class of ASL. Which I've completely fell in love with. I was hoping to practice ASL outside of the classroom though. Just you know reply and we can start ?
  11. New member looking for sign buddies

    I would love to join in if you guys don't mind. I'll be graduating High School soon and I really want to continue Sign Language. I've taken only ASL 1 but when I was younger I had looked up videos and practiced that way.
  12. New member looking for sign buddies

    Hello Cecily I'm also learning ASL I'm currently taking my first ASL class. I have been learning a lot more than i thought i could learn . However I have no one to practice my sings so I am scared of forgetting what I've learned so far. I see that you are much advance than I am so maybe we can practice with each other. Have a great day . Best regards Margie
  13. Hey guys check out my YouTube channel where I create multiple videos about signing! Please give tips and comments about what you guys think; here is a story of mine about using basic ASL at work!
  14. Lifeprint

    Free ASL classes taught by Dr. Bill Vicars.
  15. Hi. I am Cecily. My sign name is C initial writer ( like writer). I have being learning ASL for um, four years. I have taken ASL 1, 2, 3 and fingerspelling. I don't have a class now. I want to practice signing with different people. That's why I signed up here.
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  17. Hello, Comrades

    Hi Veronica. Welcome. What resources are you using to learn right now? There are a ton available. I would imagine that LV has a decent amount of classes you could attend.
  18. Hello, Comrades

    Hello, Community! I'm excited to be on board in this space and looking forward to what I hope will be lots of growing and learning to enhance my ability to communicate with Deaf community. I'm a 39yo, Queer, Latinx based mostly out of Las Vegas but travel all across the country a lot for work. I recently met someone that I very much want to develop a relationship with and is Deaf. I will have a chance to be with her again at the end of August and am hopeful to be able to carry on at least a 30 minute, enjoyable (to her) visit with her and without an interpreter by then. Thank yall very much for this practice space. In Solidarity, -Veronica
  19. My passion

    I am also new to ASL and would love to make friends to help practice and be more involved in the deaf community. Feel free to add me on fb,
  20. Need Help For ASL Exam!!

    Hey Everyone!! I'm looking for anyone who is more advanced or fluent in ASL to practice with, I have a test coming up & I haven't practiced in a long time, and have no one to practice with in person. (side note: i'd consider myself slightly over beginner and need help : - ) ) I have some signs that I know, but don't know the meaning of and can't look up (because, duh, you can't use google for that lol) and have no deaf/signing friends that I could ask the meaning of said signs! Any help would be super appreciated, and I can use skype and what not.
  21. I'm new to the community. They are so young that they want to learn more about their predecessors. My favorite and most admired item is the most modern search engine now. The key is: https://www.google.com/
  22. Hello to all

    Hello to all, My name is Clentonia Vann, sign name CV. I am a taking ASL 103 through Eastern Washington and I've really enjoyed learning the language. This will be the last class for ASL and I need to continue using what I have learning or I fear I will lose it. I'm looking forward to meeting new people, using what I have learned and learning more about the Deaf Culture.
  23. Intro

    Hi Julian! My name is Leah, and I'm currently learning ASL as well. I'm not very advanced, more of a beginner really, but if you'd ever like to try video chatting let me know! I probably couldn't help you very much but I could definitely try! If you're interested please let me know! Happy signing!
  24. My passion

    Emily, sorry to hear about your fiancé
  25. Intro

    Hello. My name is Julian an I am currently taking ASL courses at my local community college. My brother lost his hearing about 9 years ago and is Deaf now. I am learning ASL to better communicate with him and I am also excited to be able to use ASL at work. I am finishing up with ASL 2 this semester and look forward to ASL 3. I signed up for this forum in hopes of bettering my ASL skills and practicing a bit more. I look forward to meeting some great new people. Feel free to hit me up if you’d like to practice or chat.
  26. My passion

    I'm very sorry to hear about your fiance. I have recently started learning more ASL as I am hard of hearing and have APD. If you'd like a partner to practice with please let me know!
  27. Introduction

    Hello! I'm Brooke and I'm new to the ASL community. I am not deaf but am somewhat hard of hearing and have APD. After I found out I was autistic I decided to learn sign language as I believe that speaking with my hands as well as my voice would help the frustration of communication. I have learned a bit in the past but am basically starting from scratch and would love any help you guys and gals are willing to offer! If you'd like to chat to practice or just chat, please let me know! Thanks!
  28. My passion

    Hey umm I'm new to the deaf chatting, but asl has become my passion, I was engaged to a man who was deaf, but unfortunately he passed away in Nov and since then I've been very passionate about learning more and getting into the deaf culture. I'm shy but im trying to come out of my shell..
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