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  3. I'll be making vids with context. I should have thought about that....
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  5. hey pat I'm Beatriz i am also learning asl and was wondering if you wanted to chat
  6. Hello, interpreter here. ! animation 1: haha that sign animation 2: (he/she/they) thinks I'm cute (he/she/they) is not upset yet that's what I'm seeing, it's a bit hard out of context!
  7. No idea if this is the right place to ask. In these two short animations a character says something in ASL (animation 1, animation 2). If this is not the right place, can anyone point me to the proper place to do so?
  8. I'm CST time. Maybe we can come up with a day/time?
  9. I meant practice with you. LOL
  10. Hey. I'd love to practice me. You're ahead of me, so you can help me out.
  11. hey im also looking for a signing partner and im am in asl 3 and was wondering if you would like to practice
  12. hey name is Beatriz I here in Cali i was look on the internet soo see if i can find someone that is also learning asl so we can chat and practice im in asl 3 and i need the practice lol but also want to learn new signs as well
  13. Hi there, I'm 22 from Wisconsin and looking to chat with some to get some more practice. I'm in asl 5 and because of covid haven't been able meet with classmate or meet people in the deaf community. Here is my email if anyone want to start a zoom chat [email protected]
  14. Hi I could really use an asl study partner. I'm in ASL5 and still could use a lot of practice. If you ever want to chat feel free to contact me.
  15. Hello all! I've done some courses in the past but never had anyone to practice with, so forgot so much! I am now back to taking classes with Gallaudet University, and pretty much starting all over. Looking for someone to chat with via video to keep me practicing. I don't want to forget this time around! I am learning just for the joy of it. I have loved sign language since I was a child & taught myself the alphabet when I was young. Look forward to hearing from you!
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    Good Morning! Wondering if this event is still happening? Where are you in time zone wise? 4:30pm in Mississauga Eastern Daylight Time with an UTC offset of UTC-4 I would really like to join in
  17. Hi! I like learning new things. This ASL became a reality in 2017 @ Canadian Hearing Society. I think my brain literally melted. There were many factors I didn't know include in ASL. I continue to practice on my own but I would like to try to communicate with others. I am not yet that confident using ASL but I hope in time (patience) I will get there. I am looking forward learning with you
  18. Huge Bill Vicars YouTube fan!!! I am in my third term of ASL at a community college and would love to practice.
  19. Hi I’m new to asl trying to find someone I can chat with to ask questions about Deaf culture. I’m hearing just starting asl.
  20. until

    I am interested in this class. Kindly send the link details
  21. Hello everyone I’m Pat. I am severely hard of hearing. I started learning ASL about 1 1/2 years ago. I like music, poetry, theater, movies, baseball, and hanging outdoors.
  22. Oh my gosh! I have learned from him too! He's great! If you are looking for a practice buddy I am available.
  23. If you are looking for a practice buddy I would love to learn asl with you.
  24. I could use a study partner as well, but I do not live in holland. I would love to practice online though! I am a beginner but I know enough for now. So we can learn together!
  25. I could use a study partner! I may not be the greatest but I will try to help you out as much as I can and vice versa? However, I live in Ohio.
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  27. salut! my name is vario and i have a question: i started learning songs in asl. but as the way sentences are build is very different to english, i don't know what to lipsync. example. songtext: "i hope he never lets me down again" in asl: HE, NEVER, LET DOWN, ME, AGAIN, I, HOPE is it okay if i lipsync to the song normally as i sign or would it be better to lipsync the asl words i use? help me please! ❤️ PS: i just started learning asl two weeks ago, so i don't know if i even translated correctly
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