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  3. hi hello
  4. hello there
  5. hi hello there i really enjoy seeing people do the sign language and i plan to learn alot lol
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  7. Hi, so I am hearing, and I'm relatively new to ASL, I have always been interested in learning ASL, and find the deaf culture very interesting and more welcoming than the society I live in today. I am looking to make some friends, practice with people, and just get to know other people who have the same interests and goals as me. Feel free to hit me up if you wanna practice or even just chat as friends!
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  9. I understood like half of that
  10. Yeah, that sounds good. Thanks!
  11. Hello everyone my name is aly does anyone want to chat i want to better myself in ASL
  12. You could probably use ON TABLE GAME AGENT
  13. Hi, my name is Jaimie, I've been watching people sign songs on youtube, and thought it would be cool to try and learn the language, I'm currently in college and there was an ASL club last year, but I don't think they have one this year, so I hope I can learn here. I'm awful at signing but if anyone needs practice too let me know.
  14. Brand new just starting out! Would love to practice!
  15. Hello! I am India. I am learning ASL because I am a ER nurse and I think it would be helpful to be able to communicate better with my patients who are deaf or hard of hearing. I would love to have someone to practice with!
  16. OK, perfect!!! Thank you! I will add you and clarify that I am Surandi from the Sign Language Forum! ☺🤠😗
  17. Awesome!
  18. Okay! I was looking for something closer to tabletop, because I am primarily a TTRPG player, but I definitely am a video gamer too!
  19. Hey there. For anyone interested in practicing who has a Glide account and would like to use it with others here, please post them here. I can start a practice group that we can all send messages to each other with. Mine is GAEHIWB. Add me and let me know that you're from this site and I'll add you to a practice group.
  20. I sign VIDEO GAME + AGENT.
  21. Sweet. I'm a queer gaymer boy who's an all around nerd. Welcome.
  22. Glide in an app for your phone or tablet. MANY Deaf people use it to video chat. It's a good way to practice.
  23. You can add me on Glide and I'll try to add you when we get space. @GAEHIWB Just make sure that when you add me or you message me that you put that you are from this forum. I get random messages from spam on there sometimes. It helps me differentiate real people from fake.
  24. So, doing like the "tell us something about yourself" thing in like class, I want to include gamer. Would I sign GAME+person classifier? Or is there another sign? A cursory internet search brought up nothing. Thanks!
  25. HI! My name's Miranda. My Girlfriend and I just started ASL class together. When I was younger, my mom's boyfriend's son was deaf, so I learned a little. She took a semester in college. But both of those things were a little while ago, and now we kind of want to learn again and we have the time to do it together. I am learning because I really enjoy language learning (I used to be functional in German, and I have been studying Mandarin, Swahili and Swedish on and off for a few years), and because I don't see a reason not to learn ASL. Never know when I might need it, and writing gets tedious. Like, I should know how to sign. IDK. Anyway, we've only had a few classes so far, but I figure forums and YouTube and stuff will definitely help me stay on track. Other than that, I am a queer gamer girl, writer and all around nerd. So that's me!
  26. Hi! I'm looking to practice ASL. I am hearing and this is my first semester taking ASL. I am a Music Therapy major, though I am considering being an ASL translator on the side. ASL is my "10,000 hours", so I plan on practicing as much as I can. I'll be here occasionally just sitting in a chat room and anyone can join while I'm here! I live in California, so I'm on Pacific time. Don't be afraid to jump in if you see me!
  27. We'll need to set up a time. Do they have video chat here, or would we need to skype or glide it?
  28. Agree with above comment. The site owner (or whatever they are called) is particularly nice. I had a few glitches in the beginning and she was right there, immediately , to support me in working it out. I will also say that it is uniquely balanced - deaf, hearing signers, time devoted to vocabulary but equally important, time devoted to ASL grammar. It probably can't be said enough that it's smart to begin with learning grammar the correct way otherwise people continue on with developmental errors - meaning they take early errors and keep compounding them. The ASL grammar book is an enjoyable read and I consider it a must.
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