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  3. my name is takota im 15 want to work with someone if you could respond to this a quick as posable beacuse i get lonly and i just want to leaarn
  4. Thank you so much!! Greatly appreciated😌
  5. Im in asl 4 and im having a hard time with a video about descriptive classifiers. is there anyone who could take a look at it and help me out. i feel like i have no idea what is being stated and cant contact my teacher for help because shes out of town. i have to list the objects and the handshape/classifier used.
  6. my insta is takota_dance and my email [email protected]
  7. omg i would love to work with you
  8. Any good Deaf/Sign Language movie recommendations?
  9. i know people can be buzy but is there people thaat are not buzy alot and would like to work witm me im 15 and i would like to learn asl though chat diloug i want to learn right so i can help others be more aware whats like to comnicate beacause some people cant conicate my email is [email protected] and when i learn (sometime i like to show people things and just chat randomly idk why but just a heads up )
  10. Hi! Looks like you have some of ASL's structure already down 👏 You could sign: many people here wow.. you want leave? You, me dinner, us finish? (For a yes/no question: eyebrows raised, leaning forward slightly). This loosely translates to: There's too many people here, you wanna go and get dinner? Just the two of us? Best of luck asking her out! For signs: http://www.lifeprint.com/ https://www.handspeak.com/
  11. So sorry for the delayed response. I am acting as the maid of honor in my best friend's wedding this summer and it has taken over my life! Ok, here's what i got from your post. "Hi, my name is Linda. I am married. I work and live in West Grand Rapids? Goodbye!" Let me know if I missed anything...I am rusty.
  12. Some resources for ya: https://www.signlanguage101.com/courses/level-1-online-asl-course http://www.lifeprint.com/ https://www.handspeak.com/ https://www.dawnsign.com/series/details/signing-naturally https://www.aslmeredith.com/ https://www.wvc.edu/academics/humanities/languages/american-sign-language.html
  13. I have had a passion for asl for a very long time. The main goal has always been to become an asl interpreter. I took a break from college and now I’d like to return to pursue my career with asl. I am in New York and none of my local colleges offer those courses that I need to take in person so now I’ve been trying to find something online but haven’t had much success with this either. If anyone has any colleges in mind (for online classes) that may help or even a different path to fulfill my dream I am all ears. If you took the time to read this I really appreciate it. ❤️
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  15. hi my name is takota do you want to work with me
  16. Hi my name is Jasmina and I am looking to practice ASL. I’m currently going to school to become an interpreter. I am a beginner but I taught my kids baby sign language when they both were babies and fell in love with sign language. I have watched YouTube videos trying to learn signs and finally signed up for school. I really want to become fluent and I can only do that by practicing. I have signed up in hopes of making friends and getting plugged into the Deaf community. I have morcopolo app if anyone is willing to help me 😊
  17. Hi! I'm a student from the Netherlands and I'm doing some research on sign languages, I would really appreciate it if someone could help me by answering a few questions. What sign language(s) do you use? Do you sometimes struggle to communicate with people that don’t know sign language? How do you ususally overcome this? How often do you often encounter signs that you don’t know? How often do you experience that you use different signs than other people that use the same sign language? How much would you say your sign language depends on mouth movement and body language ?(just
  18. im on istagram and i sent you a mesage
  19. @takota24 bet! my instagram is xttimxrie and my snap has the same username and my email is [email protected] get ahold of me there to become practicing buddies :)
  20. and i know there gramer im 15 turning 16 i be love to learn with her
  21. hi i dont know many signs but i can still learn with you
  22. I am sorry I have not gotten back to you. We had three surgeries this month and all of them were bunched together. I sent a small video hoping you can understand it. My time here in Nebraska is Central Standard time. I can facetime through messagner or we can send messages back and forth. If we do it this way, I think it might be best to write out what the other person signed. Send it back with the decoded message and put in a new message. Does that make sense? Let me know I'll watch my email for you
  23. Hi! my name is Atti, im 16 and from the United States. i have been learning ASL for about a year (my cousin is deaf and she is my motivation to learn but we dont see eachother often) but am still at a beginner level and unsure that what little ive picked up is actually correct haha. i was wondering if anyone would like to become practicing buddies? im available on facetime, instagramming , and facebook messenger. i have a pretty flexible schedule and who knows? maybe we could become friends!
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