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  2. Rolando Lucero Villalobos


    I find myself using these words a lot, and just wanted to share.
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  5. soyboywonder


    Hey-- mine is ki_finch I haven't used Skype in forever either. I'm adding you now! When are your best times to chat?
  6. TinyT


    I had to search for my username. Its been so long since I used Skype. tinadietz_1 Let me know your Skype name. Talk soon.
  7. soyboywonder


    Oh I've never heard of that one! Do you have a preference? What's your Skype? I'll go ahead and add you. I'm going to bed now but will be back online in the morning! I'm excited to meet another student who wants to get some practice, it's hard to find study buddies.
  8. TinyT


    Yes I do. I have also recently heard about the Glide app but haven't tried it.
  9. soyboywonder


    I'm actually not sure! I can look into that though. Do you have Skype?
  10. HI there all you wonderful people! My name is Tina. I am an intermediate signer looking to jump to advanced ASAP. I would love to chat with you...especially if you are intermediate or advanced or involved in interpreting. That is my dream and goal: to interpret. I am 36 and live in Utah at the moment. Excited to meet you!
  11. TinyT

    Whats upppp?!

    You sound fun! We should chat up some ASL.
  12. Hi Kristen. I just found this website tonight and have been dying to meet new people to sign with. I am in ASL classes currently and working my way up in the interpreting program. Love to chat!
  13. TinyT

    Live from the Westcoast !!

    Hi! I am in intermediate ASL classes right now and going into an interpreting program as well...as soon as I can work my way up to the advanced ASL classes. I want more chat time outside of the classroom. I have skype, FT on my ipad, and will look into glide. I'm excited to meet new people and learn more about you!
  14. TinyT


    Hi. My name is Tina. I am currently in the intermediate ASL classes and working my way up to become an interpreter. I would like to video chat. What is the best way, app, etc to video chat?
  15. Elijah Brown


  16. Elijah Brown


    i am high school i pray sports for my school i am the president/vice - president 5 different clubs i have my own business i go to church and i have a girlfriend i have a passion for kids i eat ice cream when i'm upset mad and like to watch tv
  17. soyboywonder


    Hi there! My name is Kendall. I'm a student of speech, language, and hearing sciences who is minoring in ASL. I originally started school with the intent of becoming an ASL interpreter, but life got in the way and I moved far from any schools that have an interpreting program. Now I'm studying to be a speech-language pathologist, but I still love ASL and very much want to improve my signing (as well as learn as much about Deaf culture and history as I can!). I would be thrilled to find other students to video chat with, as I'm desperately in need of practice. I'm currently in intermediate-level classes.
  18. BrittneyDT


    Hi! I really want to learn ASL if anyone wants to start speaking together!
  19. If you want to learn or be friends or both please text me and let me know

  20. Earlier
  21. My name is christina and i have a friend who is deaf. I would like to learn so i can further communicate with her. i would love it is someone could take me under their wing and teach me all there is to know. I am 29 year young A student studying to become a paralegal. Im from canada but my parents are both italian making me pretty close enough:P tell me about you! nice to meet you:)
  22. Brianna Murch


    I'm not deaf, but i know a sign language. Message me if you want to video chat?
  23. Tammam Wafai

    ASL one-to-one video chat

    Hi guys! I'm Tammam, I was trying to learn ASL long time ago, now I have to make a thesis in Web Science so I'm thinking of creating a website for ASL video chat one-to-one. What do you think? Is it a good idea?
  24. Alexis


    Sounds good!
  25. Seth Ferguson


    Hello everyone, I am very new to ASL. I am currently taking a SIGN 1A class at Monterey Penninsula College but Im somewhat behind and could use some extra help and practice. ASL has always fascinated me and I have a lot of friends who learned and now I want to learn so I can talk with them and any deaf people I meet.
  26. Hello everyone!  I bored.  I want someone chat with, if you on please text me.  I be happy help you learn or chat, communicate, talk, whatever you want.  Nice meet all you.... That's it, see you later!

  27. Daron McNutt


    It depends on the sign. Some, like "drink", are iconic, meaning the sign has direct correlation to the meaning or motion of the object or action being signed. Others, like "good", are arbitrary because there is no clear connection between the meaning of the sign and its motion, handshape, position, etc.
  28. alianicole

    Help and Practice

    I’m currently trying to learn and better my ASL and I’m looking for someone to be patient and practice with me :)
  29. Rowan


    I could maybe help you. I'm taking ASL in school rn
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