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  1. Hello everyone!  My name's Casey, Sign Language name Casey. If anyone want chat or practice, communicate whatever please message me and I will try to get back with you.  I will try message you back when I'm free.  Thank you for watching see you all later!

  2. Hello everyone!  My name's Casey, sign language name Casey.  Nice to meet you all.  I inform you all if you wanted practice or chat or whatever, please let me know, message me and I will try respond back to you, ok.  Thank you for watching.  Hope meet new friends, and maybe chat later... Ok, thank you again for watching see y'all later.

    1. Casey


      I'm not good at speech lol XD

  3. Hello everyone!  Nice to meet you all!  I hoping maybe someone interested chat with me, please text me or comment below, please I'm searching for someone chat with or if you want I can help you learn ASL or PSE or SEE or BSL but I only know a little bit of BSL, not much, just tiny bit.  Ok, nice meet you all, and I will see you all later, bye!

  4. Hello everyone!  My name Casey, sign language name Casey.  If anyone want practice with me or chat, I would love too, please let me know, please text me, let me know, I would love practice with everyone.....(awkward moment) anyone, sorry (use wrong sign) See y'all later!

  5. If you want to learn or be friends or both please text me and let me know

  6. Hello everyone!  I bored.  I want someone chat with, if you on please text me.  I be happy help you learn or chat, communicate, talk, whatever you want.  Nice meet all you.... That's it, see you later!

  7. I have not come back on here for a long time.  Feel free to message me and i will get back to you.  We can chat, practice, whatever you want.  See ya

  8. Hello everyone!  My name's Casey, sign language name Casey.  I will stay on here for 1 hour and see if anyone shows up

  9. Hello!  My name's Casey, sign language name Casey.  I will be on here for one hour if anyone want chat.

    1. Kathy Hull

      Kathy Hull

      Yes.  I need to figure out how to use fb messenger on my computer.

  10. Hello!  My name's Casey, sign language name Casey.  Anyone want practice today.  I be more happy help you if anyone want practice with me.  Thank you have wonderful day!

    1. Jessica Raylyn Hercules

      Jessica Raylyn Hercules

      Hello, my name is Jessica. New to learning asl and so love to make new friends. Feel free to add me on fb :) Jessica raylyn Hercules 

    2. Maddy


      Hi Casey, my name is Maddy& I’ve been learning ASL for almost a year; I’d love to chat sometime! 

  11. Hello everyone!  If you want chat with me please message me and I will get back to you when I can.  Thank you, have a wonderful day!

  12. Hello!  If anyone want practice/chat i'm free until 5, 5 o'clock okay?  Bye

  13. Hello!  My name's Casey, sign language name Casey.  If any one want sign with me, please message me and follow me (if you want).  Thank you and have a wonderful day!

  14. Hello!  If any one want chat, my Facebook name Casey Cowan.  You can text me on facebook and i will get to you.

  15. Since no one getting on, I'm going hiking.  I will be back on at approximately 6pm.

  16. Hello everyone!  I am free from 12pm-12am if anyone wants to chat.  Thank you, have a wonderful day!

  17. Fucking piece a shit video won't work ugh!  Anyway.  If anyone wants to chat tomorrow at 8 or 9pm tomorrow I will be on here at 8 to 9.  Thank you for reading this, have a wonderful day!


    1. Casey


      For those that are new to signing, I'll write it down here for you.  If you would like to practice ASL with me feel free to text me and I will get back with you whenever I can and also would love to make new friends on here as well

    2. Zoey


      Hi! I saw you were looking for a friend who knows asl. I’m not fluent yet, but I’ve taken 2 years and I’m working on a third. Do you have FaceTime or Skype? :)

    3. Casey


      I have facebook.  You do know that you can video chat on this site right?