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    Practice & improve your BSL fingerspelling receptive skills with this 2 minute fingerspelling challenge. How many fingerspelling words can you read in 2 minutes?

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    • I am doing level 1 on line and could do with some practice.  Please e mail me at [email protected] and we can arrange to meet in the video room. th thanks  
    • I have a fascination with learning a new language all my life. I guess I just love the idea of being able to communicate with people from different cultures and backgrounds. I've learnt 'little bits' from a few languages; mainly around saying "hello, how are you?", that sort of thing, and having lived in both Germany and Cyprus, I have tried to learn German and Greek, being able to speak and read a good amount of each language. However I struggled to hold a conversation as I couldn't translate f
    • Hi. my name is Scott and I have recently retired from L&D. I have always enjoyed learning new skills and have, for some time now, wanted to learn BSL. I actually started an on-line course about a year ago and then work got in the way. Well I don't have that 'excuse' anymore, so have re-started my course and am enjoying learning once again. I live in the Liverpool area, and would welcome any support in learning this new skill.
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      I have been wanting to learn BSL for the longest time. I am a primary school teacher... in university I learnt Makaton and have since used this in practice. As an NQT its hard to find time to learn things outside of what you need to do so like a lot of people making the most of Covid-19 isolation 
    • Hi, I am new to sign language and have decided as I work in healthcare and want to make sure I can communicate with all of my patients. Speaking to a healthcare professional is difficult enough without being able to speak freely to them!  
    • Hi Mark, I too am trying to learn for work. Im a nurse so for similar reasons 
    • Hello,  I am a police officer and recently had to deal with people who are deaf and it was rather challenging. I was wanting to learn a bit of basic BSL so that I communicate at least a little bit should this come up again
    • Hello, I am Etienne, I am French but I have been living in London for the past 2 years . I am a Project Officer in an NGO. I don't have anyone around me speaking BSL but I always wanted to learn the french one but never had the opportunity to do it. Last week, one of my friends started this course and told me about it so I took it too and I really enjoy it
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