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  2. Dearest apologies, but the event will be postponed to 4:10pm due to personal matters, apologies everyone.
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    Extremely sorry, but the event will be delayed to 4:10 due to personal matters, apologies to everyone
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    All Levels are welcome to join this event Please conduct yourself appropriately and treat everyone how you wish to be treated. Event will start from 2:10pm - 3:10pm Sorry if I sound bone-chilling, haha! Don't worry too much, the video chat will be a casual, informal thing. you don't have to have your mic or video on, See you all there! https://www.signlanguageforum.com/bsl/bsl-video-chat-rooms/
  6. Session will last 1 hour, if room overfills use the over rooms!
  7. Hello, Everyone! Ekito here, Let's organise a video chat to help each other's signing skills! There is no specific requirement regarding your signing skills, Please behave yourself & respect others Meeting time & room Mixed signing room, https://www.signlanguageforum.com/bsl/bsl-video-chat-rooms/ [Friday, July 23rd, 2021, 2:10pm] If anyone wishes to join and/or organise another video-meeting, please feel free to comment and follow topics
  8. Hi, Clare! It's nice to see you post! Welcome to the BSL Forum, I know it's not much of an official welcome, but I hope I helped you feel welcome ^^
  9. Hello, my name is Clare and I work for Marie Curie where a number of us are learning BSL. I already knew a very small bit of BSL from a Deaf friend I went to school with but I am excited to be learning more
  10. Hello Kerri, would be great to practise, afternoons are usually best for me.
  11. Hey Juliet, Would be great to have someone to practice with as well. Happy to arrange a time. Kerri
  12. Hello, everyone! I started doing the level 1 course from British-sign, so far I'm having a lot of fun doing it! However, reinforced learning takes one topic already interesting & makes it a lot better, learning on your own is comfortable, sometimes slow, and can burn you out quickly, but working together helps a ton! I hope we can work together to achieve what we all want to do! ^^ My name is Ekito and I can hear, I am 18 and plan to learn more BSL after I finish this Level 1 course, the course at my own college is very expensive and they won't help me pay for it unfortunately, b
  13. Hi Kerrie My name is Juliet it would be great to practice with my. Juliet
  14. Hi everyone the best way to get improve is to practice with others which I would be happy to do. Juliet
  15. Hi Would be interested in practice BSL will me. My email is [email protected] Juliet
  16. Hi I am learning BSL Would anyone like the practice with me? Juliet
  17. Hey Hope everyone is well and safe. My name is Kerri, and I work at Marie Curie. I am just getting started on learning BLS and have been enjoying it so far. Happy to chat with people and have a go practicing with you. Hoping my first attempt at a video greeting works and I have spelt my name correctly 🙂 Kerri
  18. 'Old Mc Donnald Had a farm eieio' made me remember. And practice, lots of practice
  19. Vowels slow me down terribly but I'm practicing by reading random sentences from books, store signs, menus, webpages, anything really and ignoring the consonants and just signing the vowels as fast as I can. It's working for me ... hope this helps you too.
  20. Hi all, my name is Nova and I work for social services. I decided to try and learn sign language so as I can communicate more effectively with people who have hearing difficulties. I’m really excited to be learning a practical skill that will better equip me and be of use to the people that I work with. Wish me luck guys
  21. Good evening, My name is Lesley Richards and I am the Branch Manager of Nationwide Building Society in Llanelli, the reason why i signed up to BSL is because I want to be able to hold a conversation with my deaf customers instead of having the embarrassing moment of looking for a pen and paper, i once signed by name using the finger spelling and she replied with the well done, I was chuffed and felt that I had made some kind of connection.
  22. Hello, I am a 4th year medical student who is on my way to becoming a doctor. Communication is one of the most important skills in medicine. However, effective communication is not always possible. One example of a communication barrier would be hearing impairment. I hope that by learning BSL I would be able to interact with people with hearing difficulty and understand the world without sound and voices. Creating a more inclusive society has always been an aspiration of mine.
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    Hi I'm Laura, im 18 years old and I have just been accepted into University for nursing. This is one of the reasons I am learning bsl as i want to be accessible to all of my patients, so no one is misunderstood or treated differently. I have so far loved learning bsl and have a great respect for the language and the people speaking it. I hope that i get to use it practically, but so far i am enjoying signing in the mirror.
  25. Hi Cath, This was quite a long time ago, and you've probably made a lot of progress by now. But I'm a beginner and I don't have any experience practising yet, so if you've found/created a group to practice with then I'd love the chance to follow along. Oli
  26. Hi Adam, I didn't know what Makaton was, and I've just gone down a research rabbit-hole... really interesting stuff!
  27. Hi Sarah, Rather than create a topic of my own, I thought I would reply to your message as it's the latest one published. I'm Oli, I live in London and I have just got to week 3 of a BSL course, so I'm a real newbie too. I am a language geek who quite enjoys learning in their free time, and I thought that by learning BSL I might also be able to contribute meaningfully to the community and hopefully give some of my time to support the hearing impaired in any way I can. It's a very interesting challenge so far, I'm looking forward to getting to the level where I can parti
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