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  2. Simon (admin)

    hi !

    Hello @libby jo - Happy to help. What are you trying to work out?
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  4. libby jo

    hi !

    I'm not quite sure how to use the website could do with some help !😁😁
  5. libby jo

    Papercrafting and mermaids!

    try print a word
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  7. Katie Lyn Moffat

    Occupational therapy and BSL

    Hi there, I've been learning BSL for about two years now and I'm currently half way through my level two course. I am studying occupational therapy at university and I was wondering if anyone on here has experience with occupational therapy as a Deaf service user or know of anyone who has used BSL as a method of communication while using occupational therapy?
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  9. sarah1962

    Papercrafting and mermaids!

    Not quite sure what you mean! I pressed the create button to make my original post asking for the BSL signs mentioned in my post. I don't see what you mean by suggesting I press the create button again!
  10. Hi there, I'm new to BSL and I am interested in how to teach English as a second language (ESL) to those who are hard of hearing and to those who are visually impaired. If there are any books that would give a seasoned ESL teacher pointers on how to do this, please can you recommend them. I look forward to receiving your recommendations and feedback.
  11. libby jo

    Papercrafting and mermaids!

    on the top of the page is a create button press that !
  12. I wondered if anybody knows if there is a sign for papercrafting or something similar? I want to be able to tell my friends what my hobbies include without fingerspelling everything, which is arduous for them as much as for me. I make cards and other papercraft things. I also wonder if there is a sign for mermaid? My daughter is obsessed with them. I'm much the same with unicorns so if someone knows a sign for unicorn it would be much appreciated as the one time I tried I ended up trying to show a horn on my head and ended up making a rude sign, which was mortifying to say the least! Many thanks in advance for any help you can give x
  13. Hi, I'm learning BSL as I am slowly losing my hearing, but also because I have deaf friends and want to communicate with them in their own language rather than just mine. Having completed a taster BSL course I am waiting to join a Level 1 BSL course in January. My friend has taught me quite a lot already although I realise its just a drop in the ocean as is the same with any new language. It takes time and practice to learn enough to get by!
  14. Hi, I've just joined and I'm looking forward to getting to know you all and learning from you and hopefully be able to help others. I've just completed a BSL taster course and am waiting to join a Level 1 course in January. I am slowly losing my hearing and have deaf friends so it would be nice to be able to communicate with them in their language rather than just mine, as well as provide for the future should my hearing get much worse. I currently wear hearing aids to assist me. I live just outside Kidderminster in Worcestershire, not far from Birmingham, with my hubby and youngest but grown-up daughter. We have two dogs and a cat who is even more anti-social than I am!
  15. Justin Lee Carr

    BSL for beginners................

    Is there anywhere in the Ashingdon, Essex area which does any BSL courses, for beginners, with a TBI?
  16. george feenan

    BSL for beginners................

    George god
  17. Justin Lee Carr

    Online classes vs Evening classes

    Is there any free BSL courses in the Ashingdon Essex area? I have a TBI and want to challenge my damaged brain. [email protected] is my e-mail and Justin Lee Carr is my Facebook address.
  18. I live in Ashingdon, Essex. I cannot drive - have never learned, so would like a local based BSL class to teach me. I have a TBI, so I cannot afford to pay the full rate, so are there any free or reduced courses in my area? Please reply to either my e-mail: [email protected] or my Facebook page: Justin Lee Carr. Yours faithfully, Justin.
  19. Justin Lee Carr


    I heard on the television that when you get to an elder age, your brain stats to degenerate. To avoid this learn to play a musical instrument and learn another language. I have a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and am having Acoustic guitar lessons and recently, I have basic BSL lessons at my local library!
  20. Laurah

    Course levels

    Hi I'm interested in learning BSL and would prefer to learn SSE. I'm able to do some some sign language. I learnt a little at deaf club as a teen-ager in Chorley,but would like to exchange on this. Are all the levels accredited and the same price please and what level to you go up to. I'm in the FY7 area Fleetwood and trying to find out anywhere I can learn more of this wonderful language or any deaf/hard of hearing clubs nearby, my daughter is interested too Many thanks
  21. DEdwards

    BSL Tutors required in Leicestershire

    BSL video on facebook page here - https://en-gb.facebook.com/LeicsGoLearn/ struggling to upload sorry!
  22. Leicestershire County Council Adult Learning Service are recruiting for part time BSL tutors to work across the county. Usually working evenings but sometimes daytime. You need at least level 3 BSL and a recognised teaching qualification (PTLLS, DTLLS accepted) Deaf tutors particularly welcome to apply. If you need assistance with your application please email [email protected] Job closes 30th November - see advert below! https://www.facebook.com/job_opening/498093943931888/?source=post
  23. https://www.jobs.nhs.uk/xi/vacancy/bccd94adc8ea1c0da82316a04ca9d07e/?vac_ref=915347039 Devon Integrated Children's Services are seeking a talented and enthusiastic Communication Support Worker to join their Multi Sensory Impairment Service. Please see link for full details!
  24. Justin Lee Carr

    BSL for diaabled students

    I have a TBI and would love to challenge my damaged brain by learning BSL. Are there any free or reduced courses in the Ashingdon/ Rochford/ Hockley/ Hawkwell area of Essex that I could enrol for?
  25. Role: Support Worker/Personal Assistant/Intervenor Position: VARIOUS - Part time, Full time, Permanent, Casual, Bank (zero hours) contract opportunities available Location: Pocklington, York Salary: £6.00 - £15.00 per hour – dependant on experience Do you like any of these…. Having fun, swimming, playing, cooking, gardening, being outside, music, trampolining, horse riding? Are you good at any of these… Communicating, making things fun, being creative, being enthusiastic, thinking outside the box, encouraging independence, working as a team, being with children and young people, educating, caring, sharing?... Then come and meet our daughter and join her wonderful team who help her to live a full and active life… Our lovely young 18 year old is hearing and vision impaired (deafblind) and struggles with her mobility, but that is not going to stop her joining in with life to the full. We need to increase her team of support workers (intervenors) with equally enthusiastic, fun loving ‘enablers’ who love a challenge, can learn new skills, have bags of energy and want to promote the inclusion of our daughter in the world around her. This will include helping her meet her daily living skills such as eating, dressing and personal care. If this sounds like you then please get in touch: We have full time or part time positions available to work 2:1 at college, home and in the community. Some overnight work will also be needed for short breaks and as we move towards supported living in the coming months. Salary dependent on skills and experience (£6.00 - £15.00 per hour) Flexibility is needed as working times do vary and will include evenings, weekends and sleep-ins; we will however provide you with a rota in advance, so you can plan your life accordingly. Your attitude is the most important thing for this very rewarding role. Skills or experience in any of the following areas (or a willingness to learn) would be an advantage…. · Sign Language (BSL level 1, 2 or 3 would be great and pay will reflect this) · Moving and handling · Deafblind, deaf, visual impairment, multisensory impairment · Physio or occupational therapy background · Childcare or social care experience · Promoting independence, developing communication, promoting social inclusion We live in a village with a very limited bus service, so transport will be needed. A full UK driving licence is desirable, but not essential. Our current team includes school and university students both male and female as well as full time intervenors. Come and make a positive difference to a very special young lady! What we offer you Working as a Support Worker (Intervenor) with Emi, is incredibly rewarding; we offer the opportunity to work in a growing team, where people can develop their skills, knowledge and careers in a supportive and flexible environment. In addition, we have excellent staff training and development in all areas such as bespoke Moving and Handling, Sign Language and Intervenor Training. Our interview process aims to make sure that the role is right for you and you are right for us. This gives you the opportunity to meet Emi, and for her and the team to meet you. If you are interested or require further information, please email us on [email protected] Interview date: To be arranged with applicant To start: To be discussed at interview
  26. until
    A spirit of hopefulness characterises the third edition of Transpose at the Barbican, as trans voices come together to look to the future: https://bit.ly/2DPjmo4 Featuring artists from across the generations collaborating in performances of opera, poetry, dance and electronica, this show considers what gender, identity and individuality might look like tomorrow – in a celebratory atmosphere. Transpose is curated by CN Lester and directed by Kate O’Donnell, two of the trans community’s leading lights and multi-talented performers. In the words of CN, it’s a space in which ‘we can show you our vulnerabilities, our strengths, and – most of all – our authenticity.’ Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes, no interval Age guidance: 16+ (contains adult themes) These performances are all BSL-interpreted Fri 7 Dec Post-show talk
  27. until
    A frank and gutsy retelling of a classic in which three actors share the role of Juliet, each owning Shakespeare’s heroine for themselves while challenging universal ideas of beauty and sexuality: https://bit.ly/2zkNNi2 Weaving text from Romeo and Juliet with hard-hitting stories from women whose femininity and authenticity have been questioned by society, Redefining Juliet celebrates difference to prove that anyone can play the iconic part. Appearing regularly on British television, Storme Toolis has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair. Inspired by a desire to portray Juliet herself, she collaborates with other performers who have felt like outsiders to bring multiple dimensions to the famed romantic lead. Featuring key scenes from the play, interspersed with resonant details of the actors’ personal lives, this is an empowering production, both joyous and sad, shot through with wit. Duration: 1 hour Age guidance: 14+ Thu 29 Nov, 7.45pm BSL-interpreted and post-show talk Fri 30 Nov, 7:45pm BSL-interpreted and audio-described
  28. Hi everyone, My name is Mel. I have started to learn BSL at the beginning of September and have my exams next week. Bit scared, but literally fingers crossed it goes well. Was always fascinated by sign language and so happy I started the course. If all goes well I will be starting Level 2 in February 2019. If anyone lives in the London area and wants to practice over coffee or have regular get-togethers, I would be very much up for that. Just give me a wave. Mel xx
  29. Malcolm

    New Learner of BSL

    Hi. My name is Malcolm. Although I can hear I am losing the higher frequencies and have been wearing hearing aids for 3 years now. I attended an introductory BSL course and have now signed up for Level 1 first lesson was last Thursday.
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