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  2. Thanks @Peter Exeter - that's great feedback. Can you let me know which text you are referring to? Do you mean the main text of the posts?
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  4. Most people I speak to would like a larger print font.
  5. I'm not sure I'll be back in time for 6pm tomorrow but will definitely join if I am! Otherwise, will deffo be there next Sun (28th)
  6. I will be there tomorrow 6pm BST May 21st
  7. It’s so funny; I belong to a small computer group (about a dozen). We are all now playing the finger spelling challenge. What’s so funny? I am the only one who’s deaf.
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  9. Hello Alice: I'm new here and I'm quite a few steps behind you in my learning so I enjoyed reading your posts (and fellowes52) As you will know from your French, it is all worth it in the end. Keep at it.
  10. Hello, My name is Amelia and I am a research assistant with the Child Orientated Mental Health Intervention Centre looking at diagnosing Autism in deaf children. To give you a little background about our study, we are recruiting families with children aged 2-18 who are either deaf, deaf with a diagnosis of ASD or hearing with a diagnosis of ASD. We have worked with international experts to adapt three autism assessment tools to make them more accessible for deaf children and young people. Surprisingly, current assessment tools have not been designed with deaf children in mind and many are often misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all! We hope that this research will help us to develop better assessment tools, understand more about how autism presents in deaf and hearing children and support families in receiving the right support Autism regularly goes undiagnosed or misdiagnosed in deaf children because inappropriate assessments are being used. We are currently recruiting: - Deaf children with autism - Deaf children with no autism - Hearing children with autism Please email me at [email protected] if you can help out and I hope to hear from you soon!
  11. I'm out again this Sunday though hopefully I might be back in time for 6pm BST. I should definitely be there the Sunday after though! (28 May)
  12. I usually am online on Sundays except yesterday as it was Mother's Day here in America I will definitely be online this Sunday!
  13. There are so many good ones, I like the sign for divorce ( 2.mp4 ), France ( ), drunk ( ). Tortoise is also one my favourites now lol
  14. Hi It is BSL that I'm (trying) to learn, SSE is obviously simpler and much easier to get your head around to start with, and it's better than nothing, but I would much rather have good BSL skills! I would love some help but I, unfortunately, can't use the chat rooms on here and I can't use skype either, I have a really bad internet connection and it just can't cope with stuff like that which is so annoying because it's such a good tool to have. I struggle with grammar in all my spoken languages as well so it's just not a strong point of mine, it comes to me eventually just from watching people speak (or in this case sign) but it turns my brain to mush while I'm learning it lol Any help you can give at all would be really appreciated.
  15. Hi, I'm not sure if this message will reach everyone in this thread (not sure how to do that) but just to say that me and Kaleigh @KaleLing managed to do a practice video chat last Sun 6pm BST if others wanted to join/try this Sunday. I'm out tomorrow but think Kaleigh will be there 😀 Jenny x
  16. Yes, it does depend on whether you are left or right handed. Use your dominant hand to do most of the movement. I am learning Level 2 and know someone who is an interpreter. I always struggled with her signing until I realised she is left handed.
  17. It might be worth looking at some Level 2 videos )loads on Youtube) and see how much you remember before going right back to the beginning. If that's too hard, then look at some Level 1s instead.
  18. Hi, My name is Emma and I am Level 3 qualified in BSL... I passed my exam 6 years ago but to be honest have hardly used it since. I'm not starting to think about putting it to good use, but have no idea where to start. I struggle with confidence and feel that I would need to start back at the beginning before I could put myself up for work. Does anyone out there have any advice on how I could build on this? Also thoughts on the best way to get in to work, and how I can improve my BSL/English translation, placement etc... Any thoughts/advice would be really welcomed. Many thanks Emma
  19. My favourite signs so far are: 🐢TORTOISE - because it's so cute 🎭CINEMA, THEATRE - because it's a fun action to do 🍀IRELAND - because it reminds me of a tiny leprechaun dancing on my hand 😂
  20. Of course you can have MANY favorite signs and can have more favorite signs along the way as you continue learning if you can, post a video of your sign yourself or link a video from an online dictionary/YouTube so we can learn your favorite sign! My favorite among several thus far is Library,
  21. As far as signing goes, I got a handle on signing with one hand (I have had lots of practice one handed signing in ASL). As for the BSL alphabet, what is the norm when we can't use one of our hands? In the video here, I tried spelling my name. I think it kind of makes sense? *if the video cant be view, here is my description. I am wearing a brace on one of my arms which prevents me from bending it far enough to use so I used the other hand for each letter along with wiggling my finger for the respective vowel.
  22. Oh thank you! Makes perfect sense in context.
  23. It is a multi-channel sign meaning 'give it a go'
  24. A word search made with your generator thingy on this site... BSL Wordsearch.docx
  25. Hey, we're having some Deaf Society visitors to our farm on Saturday and would love to know the sign for ALPACA - or LLAMA as alpacas are quite specific! I've seen this pic on the internet but was unsure if this is ASL or accurate. We had a BSL interpreter who visited last year tell us the signs for PIG, GOAT, SHEEP, DUCK, CHICKEN but she had never signed an alpaca before! I'm so nervous to have a BSL conversation for the first time, but hopefully the sign CAKE along with some real cake should keep everything ticking over. 😉 Thanks 😊
  26. when you available to video chat
  27. the sign for CHARITY in SCOTLAND is the letter C signed at left shoulder above heart
  28. ok thank you, it makes more sense now 😀
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