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  3. I am a retired Scottish Student. Just started BSL2 and would like to practice online particularly with someone in Scotland - this minimises the geographical variations in the Language. I sign with my left hand which is not a problem unless I am using it to eat a YORKIE! bar at the same time!!. I am not Deaf and have speech and have been involved with the Deaf Community for the last couple of years as a volunteer.
  4. Hi everyone ☺️ I've just begun my journey on level 2 BSL! Its def hard work getting the word order right, I really struggle with that! Hopefully now I've joined this forum I'll make it to the end ok!

  5. I have just done my BSL level 1 and am now starting level 2 so would love to have an online practice . Let me know if you are still interested. Prue
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  7. Hello, My name is Carrie and I am 34. I am trying to learn some BSL so that I can be more inclusive. Nice to meet everyone. ☺️
  8. Hello! I am also from West Yorkshire and new to sign language :) I'm 18 and my mum was learning a few years ago for her work at a charity that helps people with learning difficulties (she encountered many deaf and non-verbal people so took a course) and I would ask her to teach me some new signs when she got home. I like your idea for signing car registrations, I might try that :)
  9. Hi. My name is Larah. I’m 39 years old and completely new to BSL. My son has Auditory processing and visual perception difficulties and I was recommended that the combination of sign and speech could help him understand better so I’m trying to learn!
  10. Hi Sue - amazing thank you so much! I would sign back but my camera is currently broken 😪 Thank you again!
  11. Hello, my name is Charlotte and I am 24 and have recently started learning British Sign Language. I have been interested in learning for a while now so am looking forward to learning more
  12. Hi, I'm Conor Sharkey, a 45-year-old journalist from Northern Ireland. I have been studying BSL since 2016 and recently completed my Level 3. I hope to begin my Level 4 studies before the end of this year after which I intend to go on and become an interpreter. My ultimate goal is to find work in the sign language sector. I look forward to hearing the news and views of everyone here on the forum.
  13. Hello! I'm Katie, a 20 year old neurodivergent student in Lancaster. I've always had an interest in learning sign language as I think the world should be more accommodating to Deaf people and more inclusive. However, I only just started learning sign language a couple of days ago as I've just gained a neighbour who I believe to be Deaf, and I want to introduce myself and get to know them. We've had a few interactions but I've been painfully uneducated in sign language for both of those interactions and have been relying on lip reading (which I'm not too good at). I hope to get proficient in si
  14. My name is Lucy, I,m 17, and I have joined this forum to learn more about BSL! I am a very basic beginner - I know the fingerspelling alphabet and very few words in BSl but that is about it. I want to learn BSL because I want to have a career working closely with people in a psychological field, and I feel that it is very important to be able to help all sort of people, including those who are deaf/HoH! I have also always been fascinated by the concept of sign language since a young age; I learned the alphabet at age 13! I am looking forward to this journey of learning BSL :)
  15. Hi my name is Martin. I am profoundly deaf following 3 strokes. My world has shrunk.
  16. Hi everyone I’m Alex, I’m from South London/Surrey Borders and I’m learning BSL because I’m training to be a search technician for my local Search and Rescue. I hope this skill will assist me in communicating with Deaf and deaf people from all walks of life!
  17. Hi My name is Martin I am a 59 year old Bus driver from Bradford, I help as a learning mentor at work and want to introduce sign language to other Bus drivers. I also have a deaf friend who I go on Holiday with. He has been deaf all his life and is proud of being deaf. I have always wanted to communicate better with him and now I am learning BSL. I am finding the course very informative and have tried some of my new skills on Paul my friend lets hope I make the grade.
  18. Hello everyone. Im Dawn from Birmingham. I was a nursery nurse and was very interested in makaton. We used a few sign with our children. Sign language has always amazed me. I gave up work to look after my son when he was ill 6 years ago. things are easier and his health has improved so I thought it was time to do something I have always thought about. so here I am very excited.
  19. hi, my name is Corinne and I live on the Isle of Wight. I’m 32 and a mother to two children who are 11 and 9. I’ve worked for the NHS for over 12 years now and have done various different job roles. Currently I am a phlebotomist so I’m responsible for obtaining and sending blood samples off for patients. I work in a clinic and also on the hospital wards and meet a wide variety of people on a daily basis, communication isn’t always easy for some patients for various reasons and there isn’t always somebody that is accessible at that moment or nearby to assist with communications. I’ve said to my
  20. Hello everybody, I'm new to the form and new to BSL. I've only had 3 short sessions so far. I'm learning through my work, I'm a health care professional. I'm looking forward to learning more. I'm struggling remembering signs at the moment, and getting my vowels muddled up, but I found the game on here and have been giving that a go - I'm also signing car registrations that I pass and pass me when I'm out walking. It's nice to have joined your community. Angie
  21. I'm currently doing the introduction to sign language course via the BSL website and have got to the section about jobs and things but there doesn't seem to be one for receptionist.
  22. Well, first of all, if it's only been a week for you, then it's only been a week. Language takes time to learn, and it's much easier to pick up as a young child than it is later on in life, however old you are, and whatever learning difficulties you may or may not have. The first thing you should probably do is forget the length of time it takes you to learn, remove that from the equation. Don't pressure yourself based on time. Take as much time as you need, even if it's weeks or months, no one's going to instantly have it down. It takes years to fully learn a language, and someone who has lea
  23. Hi everyone! I am currently learning hobbies and wondered if anyone knows the sign for ice skating/figure skating? Thanks in advance 🙂
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