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  4. Hello, I'm Sofie and I am hard of hearing I am learning BSL to communicate with more deaf and hard of hearing people.
  5. hi alison some of your reasons to learn are the same as mine this is like you say such a fascinating language i cant wait too learn more and hopefully put it into practice good luck on your bsl yourney
  6. Hi, nice to be here! I am learning bsl because I work supporting students at college and wish to be able to communicate better. Also this is a fascinating language to learn and I am just really interested!
  7. Nursery rhyme video for Signing Animation and Story, which increase language development, cultural connection, and speaking with engaging animations and relaxing tunes. which all are in one application.
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  9. I have always been really passionate about languages, and a few years ago I came across Christine Sun Kim Ted "The enchanting music of sign language" and it sparked my curiosity about SL. At that moment I knew nothing about it, I genuinely felt so surprised "how can it be that such a fascinating form of communication is so forgotten by the hearing folks???" A few years later after that (I had been working in improving and mastering my English), and especially since I am moving to Scotland in a month, I decided 2024 would be a good year to learn to be a bit more inclusive. Not just to learn BSL, but to know the history and work of the Deaf community. Since I love working with people and make new friends, learning BSL in my attempt to open new doors. Since it's important to learn BSL from a Deaf person or resource, I link to a few content creators that you might like to check. Personally, it's helping me a lot. Jazzy YouTube Hermon & Heroda Instagram TheSignLife Instagram (Check their website!! They offer courses) Please feel free to send me your resources and correct me if I make any mistake!
  10. Nice to meet you all! My name is Xenia Lopez and I am from Spain, but soon moving to the Scotland. I have been learning BSL for 4 months, and I wish to continue getting better.
  11. New courses online and in Central London announced for BSL Levels 1-6 - https://www.teachmesign.co.uk All courses are accredited by Signature and we offer interest-free payment plans. Please take a look at our website and get in touch if you have any further questions.
  12. Hi, I'm learning BSL, it is something I've always been interested in learning sign language partly because my son struggles to communicate sometimes due to his Autism. Now a young boy has joined our church and he is deaf and learning to sign, I would like to help him feel welcome.
  13. It's something i've always wanted to learn!
  14. Hi, I'm Megan :-)
  15. Congratulations on completing the course! I too work in education - currently in a primary school setting with children that have SEN. I am hoping to utilise what I learn here to help support the pupils in our Deaf provision...
  16. My primary reason for learning BSL is to improve my communication capabilities within the school I work in. There is a special provision for Deaf children and my aim is to be able to connect with them, interact and be able to support them with their learning…
  17. Hi Everyone! I hope you’re all doing well in life and learning. I work at a school with a special deaf provision and hope to use what I learn to communicate with more of the children there. I am always in awe when I see people signing and hope to integrate further with the community…
  18. Embark on a journey of deeper communication and cultural immersion with our BSL Level 3 course starting this May with Shahnaz. This course will refine your BSL skills and enrich your understanding of Deaf culture. Secure your spot now and continue your BSL journey with us! Visit our website for more information: www.remark.uk.com/bsl-courses/wednesday-evening-level-3
  19. Hi, my name is Terri, I have just finished the introductory course and I am going to be starting level 1 in September, I work in a school and use some makaton, I am learning BSL as i would like to communicate with more people
  20. Hi BSL members. My name is Dorothy (DJ), and I’ve only just started to learn BSL after attempting to learn on my own during COVID. I am not deaf but my mother who’s turning 93 soon is now partially deaf. I am aiming to teach her BSL. I was recently in my local Coop and saw a couple of people using the sign language and attempted to join in but failed miserably, however they were very encouraging. Even more so when I just about managed to sign my name. I work full time and hope to use the BSL in my work, and communicate with people using BSL.
  21. 😊 Hello all BSL students, I am learning bsl as I am deaf & cannot hear friends in a group. I am disabled & have to use a mobility scooter. Does anyone know a sign for 'Mobility Scooter' please
  22. My name is Chrissy and I am 66 years old. I have wanted to learn BFL for years but always made the excuse of work and family (as you do). I am now retired and have the time so no more excuses! During the summer I work at festivals and have worked with disabled and deaf people and felt very ignorant of myself for not being able to communicate to anyone hard of hearing. It's easier when you can see what help someone wants help with but not so easy when a person has a hidden disability such as deafness of any degree. I am looking forward to completing the course and hopefully being able to make myself understood. I know how frustrating it can be because I myself am now hard of hearing am I find it very annoying when I don't hear what is being said or having to use sub titles. I also hope I can learn with others as I progress.
  23. Hi. I've decided to learn BSL after seeing two people communicating with this in a coffee shop and thinking "what if one day I need that?"
  24. Hi all, My name is Rebecca and I'm 27, from the UK. I've decided to learn BSL after seeing two people communicating with this in a coffee shop and thinking "what if one day I need that?"
  25. My name is Ynés, I am 18 years old and from England, Spain and Switzerland. I have lived in England, Abu Dhabi, China and am currently in Egypt. I have Dyscalculia and various other diagnoses and am an ambassador for the UK National Neurodivergent Youth Council. I learned baby sign language as a kid and decided that I want to be more active in the disabled community and am now learning BSL.
  26. alexseen


    It's been really hard at work lately, and I needed a break. I decided to look for a place to relax online. I came across on9aud, and it was just what I needed. The site offers a lot of bonuses and promotions that are valid in Australia, which is very convenient! I liked how simple everything is and how there are no complications.
  27. Hi! My name is Emily, I am 20 and at university. I have a couple of chronic illnesses and disabilities that I developed over the last few years, and I want to get more involved in the Disabled community, so I thought one way is to start learning BSL so I can start communicating with more people, and have something to do on the days where I'm not feeling too good!
  28. Hello! Kerry. I'm Rin i want to communicate with more people in BSL too! If you don't mind you can chat and video call with me! Feel free to ask, I'm a girl🫶
  29. Nicki


    Hi. I’m learning BSl purely out of interest. I have a 4 month old granddaughter and my daughter is already teaching her some signs (makati, but I believe there are big similarities) and I’m hoping to join in. My granddaughter isn’t deaf but signing is useful before she can verbalise. Loving learning new language and finding it fascinating.
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