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  2. Joyce Ma

    Good at vs. Bad at

    I find the sample sentences at the end very helpful. Thanks.
  3. Joyce Ma

    Hello! I'm Joyce

    I was online looking to see if there are any websites that can help me practice ASL. I learned ASL about 12 years ago with a group of deaf/hoh. I was immersed in it for around 3 years. Now I want to practice ASL and the local group doesn't meet often and I feel a bit intimidated to go chat with them without brushing up on ASL. I am looking to do live chats with people to practice. I don't feel looking at vocabularies all day will help me. Hopefully this is the right place for me. Thank you!
  4. Last week
  5. hi! my names madi im looking for a teenager to help me learn more about ASL im not a beginner i have an intermediate level of signing and understanding ASL ive been taking it for 2 years but i want to learn more signs and experience talking to someone who knows ASL
  6. Also note that this video is published unlisted at the moment. So only the people in this forum can see it.
  7. Hi My name is Koriey, I have a small YouTube channel and I'm looking to add a new dimension to my channel for the new year. I am asking for help from anyone who would be willing and able to help me interpret an 11 minute YouTube video of mine into ASL. I think the type of videos I provide would be very beneficial to the hear impaired community, and I am willing to experiment with ASL if some one is willing to help. The ultimate goal would be for me to learn how to sign over time, but for now I just want to test the market to see if there is a demand for this type of content on YouTube. Here is a link to the very first video that I want to try this approach out on. You just have to just send me video of you interpreting my video. I will take your video and put it in the corner of my video and it's just that simple. If you can be in front of solid back ground, then that would be great. This work is strictly pro bono during this testing phase. Thanks in advance guys.
  8. 32bikelife32

    Trying to learn

    Hi everyone I'm new to sign I would love to learn more of it and eventually become fluent if possible. I learn pretty fast so if there's anyone willing to help i would love it I have a glide it's @shaocyz. Thanks!!😜
  9. Rolando Lucero Villalobos

    Nerd Vid on Pokémon

    Enjoy! Hope you learn some new words.
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  11. Cristal Tixtha

    Lets Practice together!!

    Hey guys! My name is Cristal and I am from Huntington Beach, CA. I am going to school to become an interpreter for ASL. I need all the possible practice therefore, if you are in my area & would love to meet up I am so down. If we aren't near each other here's my glide : Tixtha714
  12. I am learning sign language because I find the language itself to be very interesting. I love how you can have a whole conversation just using your hands. I became interested in ASL almost 2 years ago and began learning it myself. I am not fluent by a longshot and don't practice as often anymore. That's why I am here. Hopefully, I can start communicating with more deaf/HOH people and strengthen my skills in ASL. I've been having so much fun learning it and can't wait to talk to more people using sign!
  13. Ari Pope

    Looking for a tutor

    I have deaf and mute friends and I want to learn asl I know some of the alphabet but that's all if you would like you can text me on Google Hangouts [email protected] or messenger at ari pope please let me know 😁😁
  14. Ari Pope

    Looking for a tutor

    I have deaf and mute friends and I want to learn asl I know some of the alphabet but that's all if you would like you can text me on Google Hangouts [email protected] or messenger at ari pope please let me know 😁😁
  15. I'm learning sign Language so I can practice my sign language more, So I can communicate more with people that can't hear. I'm dating a guy that is hard of hearing we sign to each other all the time. but I want to practice more.
  16. Hi all, I would like to practice asl more, but unfortunately I don’t have any friends that sign or are learning to sign. I know a lot of random vocabulary but I struggle with conversations because anything we did in class was scripted (because that’s helpful for the real world -_-). Overall, I’d say I’m probably intermediate. Anyone is welcome to add me on Glide, my username is itskait
  17. Tatyana

    Looking for someone Fluent in ASL

    I put that I’m intermediate 😊 my glide name is TNBarlow
  18. Olivia Ann Slicker

    Looking for someone Fluent in ASL

    I will definitely check out the app, what are your signing skills?
  19. Tatyana

    Sign Buddies

    Hello peeps! Just thought I’d post every now and then that I’m always looking for new ASL buddies. I’m a junior in college and am very active on glide. I’m very serious about practicing and learning to become fluent in asl. Feel free to message me or reach out to me on glide if you’re interested. I’m am intermediate at sign language currently. My glide is TNBarlow 😊❤️
  20. I am learning sign language because I think it is a beautiful way to communicate with other people, without the use of sound, but just really paying attention to people when they are signing.
  21. Locall

    New to forum and ASL

    Hello! I started taking ASL classes online and am hoping to connect with the dear community. I look forward to meeting, chatting, and learning with and from all of you!
  22. Tatyana


    Oh I just saw this haha. Sorry. I already sent you a direct message though 😊
  23. Olivia Ann Slicker

    In need of a challenge

    I would also love to sign with you ladies, I am practicing for my tasc certification. I need all the help I can get.
  24. Olivia Ann Slicker


  25. Tatyana

    In need of a challenge

    Hey if you're still looking I would love to sign with you. I'm looking to become an interpreter and have been looking for people with a more advanced level to sign with. I currently consider myself intermediate but am looking to become fluent. My glide is TNBarlow if you'd like to chat!
  26. Tatyana


    Hey! I too have completed my 3rd year in American Sign Language. Im looking to become an interpreter and joined this site for extra practice as well. I discovered the app glide and have been using that to practice ASL with people. Feel free to add me if you're interested! @ TNBarlow
  27. Tatyana

    Introducing Myself

    Hi! That's awesome that you love interpreting. I'm looking to become one as well. About how long would you say it took before you became fluent?
  28. Hi! My name is Tatyana. I am on the path to becoming an interpreter and would love to sign with people who are currently fluent in ASL. I would consider myself intermediate. I can understand ASL and hold conversations, but am not fluent yet. I also have the app glide as another form of communicating. I am very serious about becoming fluent in ASL. I am a junior in college and have taken all the ASL courses my school offers. -Thanks for reading my post! I'm looking forward to meeting new people
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