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    Hi my name is David I am hard of hearing I know a little sign language but wish to learn more.
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    This will be for people who are learning to be with others to help them practice.
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    Hello, I was told the best way to learn ASL is to just chat with someone who has practiced ASL most/all their life. If anyone is willing to help me practice and correct my vocab/sentences, I would really appreciate it. I have been learning ASL off and on for a few years, and know basic vocabulary. (So still a beginner) I took an ASL course over the summer with Texas School for the Deaf here in Austin, Tx. It was a virtual course due to COVID, so I was able to rewind videos, but was not able to ask any questions/advice/clarifications. Let me know if you'd like to chat. I am in central time BTW.
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    Born deaf, ASL was my first language. Here to help. 🙂
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    Hi! My name is Sarah, and I'm in a very similar position. I have an ASL practice test tomorrow, and i would love to sign with you for some practice! I've taken two levels of ASL and am hearing, just so you know.
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    They could be wondering how old he is.
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    I think it would be a really great feature to have some type of notification be able to go out to those who request it that notifies them when someone has created/joined a room and are looking for others to sign with. The video chat feature is really great if you know that others are on. The problem with the iteration that it is now is that people need to know that there are people available to sign with and the current system requires a bit of fate or planning to ensure that you are in the lobby at the same time. Could you look into creating a system whereby a text or email notification is sent out to those that subscribe so that they will be notified when someone is looking for others to sign with.
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    *Look at how the eyebrows turn this into a question.
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