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  1. Rookie

    Hello! My name is Mandi. I am new at ASL and also at the website. I am. just looking for other ASL students or Deaf ppl to sign with me so that i can learn ASL and use the skills in the real world and not just in class. Not here for anything else so please be respectful as i will do the same. ☺
  2. Rookie

    OK, perfect!!! Thank you! I will add you and clarify that I am Surandi from the Sign Language Forum! ☺🤠😗
  3. Wanna video chat

    ɰєяє u ѧɞʟє ţo ԀoɰňʟoѧԀ ɢʟıԀє ʏєţ? supєя ċoňνєňıєňţ...
  4. Wanna video chat

    suяє! ҡєєp mє upԀѧţєԀ. ţċ.
  5. Wanna video chat

    Hello!!! I'll be willing to video chat so long as we are both learning from each other AMD sharpening our ASL skills. 😁... let me know!
  6. Hello! 😊 Welcome to the Deaf community. Do u have Glide? I just downloaded. U can start adding Signers and practice away! 😁
  7. New here

    Hello. Do u have Glide? 🙂
  8. Hello

    Do u have Glide?
  9. Rookie

    OK I downloaded!!! How do I start adding ppl? Also, can I join the FB club before y'all hit the 50 mark?
  10. Rookie

    Thank you for replying to my message. Yes, please. I would like to try the Glide chat. Please let me know how to get started... Is it an app I have to download?
  11. Goal

    I just completed ASL 2. I took ASL 1 2 years ago and then took ASL 2 for the summer ( big mistake! Because i feel like i barley look learned anything). I a.m. on here too sharpen my skills and learn more and be corrected. Lol My goal with ASL is to be an interpreter.
  12. Anyone want to practice with me?

    I am available in a few min around 4?.... I'll be available for about an hr. Have to leave by 5.
  13. Anyone want to practice with me?

    Help! ☺ Also a beginner!!! I don't mind practicing with you! Let me know! 😀