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  1. I understood like half of that
  2. Yeah, that sounds good. Thanks!
  3. Okay! I was looking for something closer to tabletop, because I am primarily a TTRPG player, but I definitely am a video gamer too!
  4. So, doing like the "tell us something about yourself" thing in like class, I want to include gamer. Would I sign GAME+person classifier? Or is there another sign? A cursory internet search brought up nothing. Thanks!
  5. HI! My name's Miranda. My Girlfriend and I just started ASL class together. When I was younger, my mom's boyfriend's son was deaf, so I learned a little. She took a semester in college. But both of those things were a little while ago, and now we kind of want to learn again and we have the time to do it together. I am learning because I really enjoy language learning (I used to be functional in German, and I have been studying Mandarin, Swahili and Swedish on and off for a few years), and because I don't see a reason not to learn ASL. Never know when I might need it, and writing gets tedious. Like, I should know how to sign. IDK. Anyway, we've only had a few classes so far, but I figure forums and YouTube and stuff will definitely help me stay on track. Other than that, I am a queer gamer girl, writer and all around nerd. So that's me!
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