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  1. @Raquel What is your actual username for Skype?
  2. @Raquel @HeyItsMo Yea that sounds like s great idea. What time zones are you guys? I'm EDT. When would you guys want to Skype?
  3. @Raquel Hey do you want to Skype another time? What's your acc name tho so I can add you
  4. I'm Gabriella!:) What is your experience with asl and why are you learning?
  5. @Raquel Okay I should be free after school around 3ish. (EDT) do you have Skype?
  6. Would it be possible for me to join as well?! You seem like you know a lot and I just started learning and would really benefit from your help.
  7. If anyone has Skype and would want to help me with my signing I would be very thankful! I just started learning.
  8. Do you have Skype I want to practice and learn more sign language I just started learning!?
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