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    Hello! My name is Emily. I am a sophomore in college. My major is Exploratory Education and my minor is ASL! I love ASL and the history revolving it and the Deaf community! I want to make friends and also practice ASL, there is so much more I have left to learn and I just don't want to stop! If you can't tell by all the exclamation marks, I feel as if I have a very giddy personality. I don't like to be down, or negative. I wouldn't call my self "upbeat" because i like to say around as much as i can and do nothing! :) I love binge watching Netflix (right now I'm deeply into Switched at Birth its crazzzyyyyy) I love to face time. Because I feel when you are texting, you can see the sarcasm in someones face! lol I also love jokes. Puns are my absolute favorite. I hope to meet some people! God Bless! <3