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  1. Robert.D

    Hello ASL Beginners!

    When I see "ASL 1" and "ASL 2" I've had no idea what these mean, except Level-1 and Level-2 of American Sign Language. I see a wide variety of learning of "ASL 1" on YouTube and other sites. What materials are most people on this Forum using to learn "ASL 1" ? How many people are going to a local school or instructor and learning ASL 1 ?
  2. Robert.D

    Hello ASL Beginners!

    Yes, I'm interested Kira. It's good that you can hear because I can hear with headphones also and we could share what we do know. Probably could start making a checklist while learning about lessons in first interactions in ASL learning for beginners. What hours are best for you? I'm on Easter Standard Time in Michigan. After 7pm is usually great for me.
  3. Robert.D

    Hello ASL Beginners!

    Hey' ~ I'm an absolute beginner. I have profound hearing loss and chronic intractable tinnitus. I've tried some Apps on the iPhone that cover the basics, but for some reason when I practice with someone in real time, I remember it better. I'm just discovering this sing language forum(s) but I'm open to practicing with anyone.