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    Canadian ASL learner

    Hello everyone. I'm Stacey, 30 years old and Canadian! I was 1st introduced to ASL when I was about 8 and my mother signed up for an interpreter course I helped her study and learned quite a bit but she got sick and didn't finish the course. A few years ago I was working at my local YWCA and we had a regular hard of hearing client. I knew a few signs and was able to finger spell some things but decided I should start learning again. I have tried Memerise (not great course options) and follow some great pages on Facebook, but would really like to practice with people. I have tried teaching my husband some signs but he's having trouble picking it up since I don't know enough to sign constantly. I have recently come across some PSE videos and am having trouble with the different structure. I am very involved in musical theatre & choir, I love planning games nights and escape rooms with friends, and enjoy genealogy, reading, and photography. Looking forward to exploring this group and meeting people!