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  1. Thank you!! I will definitely check this out!
  2. Hi, I am an intervention specialist and love sign language. Over the years, I've taken a variety of different classes related to sign language, including two years of ASL instruction. I rarely have gotten to use my skills on a consistent basis and, therefore, am somewhat rusty. This year at school, I am teaching a 4 week enrichment class to 7th/8th grade students on basic sign language. It is a lot of fun and the kids are really enjoying it. A couple of things I am looking for are games or more active activities I can do with the kids and I'm wondering if there is an ALS font I could find and download on my computer--similar to other fonts (Times New Roman, Comic Sans, Arial...), but what I type in on the computer would appear on my screen in the sign alphabet. Anyone have any hints/ideas for either of these things? Thank you!
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