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  1. Also note that this video is published unlisted at the moment. So only the people in this forum can see it.
  2. Hi My name is Koriey, I have a small YouTube channel and I'm looking to add a new dimension to my channel for the new year. I am asking for help from anyone who would be willing and able to help me interpret an 11 minute YouTube video of mine into ASL. I think the type of videos I provide would be very beneficial to the hear impaired community, and I am willing to experiment with ASL if some one is willing to help. The ultimate goal would be for me to learn how to sign over time, but for now I just want to test the market to see if there is a demand for this type of content on YouTube. Here is a link to the very first video that I want to try this approach out on. You just have to just send me video of you interpreting my video. I will take your video and put it in the corner of my video and it's just that simple. If you can be in front of solid back ground, then that would be great. This work is strictly pro bono during this testing phase. Thanks in advance guys.
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