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    Hello Everyone. My name is Beto and I'm currently learning ASL; going into my third semester beginning tomorrow, and am excited classes are starting again. My mom passed away about a little over a year ago from Alzheimer's and while taking care of her I was doing research on ways to potentially prevent and/or slow down the potential advent of Alzheimer's, and came across some amazing research. I wanted to know because all of my mom's siblings also died from this disease and so it runs in the family. I found studies that indicated that by actually 'rewiring the brain' one can significantly increase the chances of not developing illnesses like Alzheimer's later on in life. The studies listed two major ways to rewire the brain; learn a new language or an instrument. I've always been drawn to ASL and so made the decision to begin seriously learning the language and the culture. I'm looking forward to developing friendships and helping each other learn. I'm seriously considering working as an interpreter and/or in some way use ASL to help others.