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  1. I'm an educator, and I can attest to this fact. I sign, speak fluent English and Spanish. When we force ourselves to do things outside our comfort zone, it changes us. There is what is called "total communications". I've used it to teach mentally challenged students. They "see" the words. They "say" the words. They "sign" the words, then spell the words. Each step cements that specific word in their brain to a much higher degree. Again, total communications. For me, I'm HOH, and I worked with Deaf kids before. Somehow, I stopped following my passion. 🙂 Time to make this happ
  2. Hi Kelly, my niece did the same. Woke up deaf. I have a brother that lost all hearing while on active duty, and I've lost 70% in the left ear and about 30% in the right. But, since I used to work with the Regional School for the Deaf, I remember some sign. Now, I want to become fluent in ASL. It's not a necessity, but I'm in an area where about 10% of our population is Deaf. I appreciate your story and can understand. Personally, I do not prefer the sounds of the outside world.
  3. so, I just learned something... I have to sign in FRONT of the camera. It's been years! Forgive me. I want to become fluent in ASL.
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