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  1. I think that is so cool that you’re proficient in drumming!! I also think it’ll be cool if you get comfortable enough to gig around places and stuff! As for me, I usually perform with piano and actually this Fall I will have my senior recital on saxophone. It’s cool that you had a relative who is deaf because that way it’s a motivation to learn more over the summer. I’ll have to let you know soon about my schedule because classes are pretty crazy, but like you, I need to definitely practice in order to get my interpreting license. I’m still new on this forum so I have yet to use the video chat feature, but let me know when you are available to practicing signing and I will work around that somehow!
  2. Hey Priscilla! I’m like in the same boat as you, I’ll be taking asl 3 soon and will start interpreting classes as well! It’s good to meet you and I would love to practice signing as well!
  3. Hey Alex! Yes I totally agree, and in my opinion ASL and music go hand in hand! I’m a classical saxophonist and I knew a deaf friend who would bring a balloon in order to feel the vibrations of the music and I was always so fascinated with that. And that’s so cool you’re a musician and one that is fluent with signing! What instruments do you play?
  4. Hello everyone! My name is Michael and I’m currently a senior at UNCW in North Carolina. I have been learning ASL for quite a bit and would love to expand my knowledge and learn more about the language and the culture as well! This Fall I will graduate with a Bachelor’s in Music Technology, but will begin to partake in an interpreting program at the time I will finish my Bachelor’s. I have this motivational drive to improve and what more than to do that on here! It’s great to meet you all! 😄
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