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  1. DreamboatDani

    Hi I'm Kat

    Hi Kat it's nice to meet you. I am slower paced in my learning and nearly at the finish of my ASL 101 class so I know some basics such as numbers and the alphabet and a lot of basic vocabulary. I am not fluent or professional by any means and I would love to have somebody to practice with and to chat when we have the time. Feel free to send me a message sometime.
  2. DreamboatDani

    Hello I'm Danielle!

    @Nana Dee I see, well I very much appreciate you offering your services! However I am more in search of people I may practice with, and not looking for a tutor at this time as it is outside of my financial capability. Thank you again and best of luck on here!
  3. DreamboatDani

    Hello I'm Danielle!

    Hi Nana Dee it's very nice to meet you, I am pleasantly surprised to read you tutor at PCCC, that's where I am taking my ASL classes. I would truly love the extra help if you have time availability during week days?
  4. DreamboatDani

    Hello I'm Danielle!

    Hi everyone. I am currently in ASL 101. I am 24 years old. My non sign language classes have been keeping me so busy that my signing is being neglected, but that is what I want to put the most importance on. Right now I am not very confident in my signing or receptive ability and that is what I would like to work on. I really need work with my fingerspelling receptive skills and I need to get better at converting English sentences to ASL grammar structure. I am in the Eastern standard time zone and work at nights so I am often available during the day to chat or practice with anyone who might be interested. I can sign small, fragmented sentences that are not exactly proper ASL grammar so if anybody is interested in practicing together, that is my current skill level. I hope to meet some of you and practice sometime!