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  1. After speaking with deaf ppl on Facebook, decided itd be a bad idea to have a deaf character without spending a lot of time talking to deaf ppl first. Idk how to delete threads, but yeah, ignore this!
  2. Clarification: When I say “pet names” I mean terms such as “honey” or “sweetheart”
  3. Hello! My apologies if I as a non deaf person am not supposed to post here. I’m making an original character for a story who was born deaf, and I want to represent deafness and the use of sign language accurately. Any input from the deaf community and people who use sign language would help a lot! I was wondering, what do people who were born completely deaf sound like when they talk? Are they able to develop accents? When using sign language, is it feasible for a person to use words that arent needed to make sense but which make a sentence more colorful? For example, someone calling people pet names in ASL on a regular basis due to having grown up around people who spoke similarly. Would that be considered excessive? Thank you!
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