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  1. I like using Skype my user name is VibrantRaave214.
  2. I am free today if you would like to start today.
  3. Well if we can work together we can improve that and work on signing as well.
  4. Hey Aviv, I know my spelling isn't that great, but my actual signing is much better. If you can help me with my finger spelling then Ill be more than happy to help you with your signs.
  5. I've been trying to work on that but a lot of times my hands don't want to cooperate with me and it can get really frustrating. I really appreciate your feed back though. Thank you I will be working on that more intensely now.
  6. Oh I also have a website it's called Lifeprint.com. This has helped me learn a lot!!!!!
  7. If you wiggle your fingers it means mingle but if you are just making the circles and not wiggling it is socialize
  8. Hello! My name is Raven, I am hearing as well and I would love to help you with the alphabet and any other signs you would like to learn.
  9. Hello! Im Raven and Im also passionate about languages. The one Im most fluent (and really the only one Im mostly fluent in) is ASL I would love to practice and learn with you, if you would like! The other languages I am learning or have learned bits and pieces of are: Hebrew (my most recent), Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Gaelic, Greek (at some point in my life), and a few more (can't remember most of them or the content Ive studied haha) Oh by the way forgot to mention that Ive been teaching myself ASL for many years and that's why its the one Im most fluent in.
  10. That's awesome!! When are you free? I basically have an open schedule.
  11. Raven E


    Hello! My name is Raven and I have been teaching myself ASL for a very long time. Now I don't have the sentence structure down yet but I can have full blown conversations in ASL. If you would like I can help you (Jaythan) learn more signs and you (Aviv) I can help refresh your memory of the ones you learned and more. If you two are up for it. Message me if you'd like to learn and practice with me
  12. Hello. I'm Raven I've been teaching myself ASL like my whole life as well. My goal (as everyone else's) is to be fluent in ASL. So I can become a medical interpreter one day. I desperately need practice partners and someone to help me with sentence structures and grammar.
  13. forgive me for rambling on I was so nervous and I ramble when I'm nervous and also I'm from IL
  14. Raven E

    Hello !

    Hello I name is Raven. I am also hearing. I have actually been teaching myself ASL for a lot of years now. I started because I fell in love with the language but then as I got older I wanted to put my knowledge to word and become a medical ASL interpreter.
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