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  1. Hi, would you be able to post a video showing the sign?
  2. That'd be great tell me whatever works best for you im home all day lol
  3. Hi all. I defiantly need more people to practice with I would be able to chat during the week or on weekends I have Skype as well
  4. markieh


    Oh no that sucks sorry to hear that. Have u learned any on your own at all or nothing?
  5. markieh


    Hi not a teen lol but down to chat I took asl in hs for four Years and am kinda re learning
  6. Anyday except Monday and Thursday And three would be ok for the time
  7. Im EST. I can do later mornings like 11 or noon or in the afternoon like 3 or 4. Doesn't really matter
  8. 5 hbu And yes I would.
  9. Hi, I wouldn't say im new to ASL but taking it more seriously now since I have time due to COVID. I learned ASL a little over 13 years ago but I haven't used it and since I am now older I have the patience to learn more and appreciate everything being taught. Im a terrible finger speller and its hard for me to read them when signed. I want to get more practice if anyone wants to video chat sometime.
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