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  1. if anyone would like to join us!
  2. In the chat room - feel free to drop by!
  3. Hi! I'm an old guy going deaf, learning to sign with Dr. Bill and my daughter. Have dropped into chat room during a few things from the calendar, but no one joins, anyway usually practice ASL a little about this time every morning (7 CST). So thought I'd sign in while practicing, feel free to drop in on me, don't care about your skill level (I'm a slow-signing level 2), age, gender, skin color, hair color, eye color...toenail color...as long as you're patient and kind.
  4. Entered into reverse sign dictionary at Handspeak.com and came up with "country", but that's not quite it - "country" circles the Y hand at the elbow, not strokes along arm as in your video.
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