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  1. 1. I like to learn new things I’ve learned how to fly, I’ve learned a good bit of Spanish, I’m a science nut and love reading about science and technology. I figured ASL would be something that would be good to learn as well! 2. I want to meet new people and become involved with the Deaf community in my area There is a whole community of people that I am detached from, simply because I lack the ability (knowledge) to communicate with them. That’s a shame, and I want to change that so I can meet new people and make new friends. 3. It looks like a fun language Two years ago, I was at a football game. There was a couple in front of me that was deaf. They were communicating the whole game without speaking a word, just using hands and face. I was mesmerized but hopefully did not stare. I had wished I could have joined in and at least introduced myself. Hopefully I will get that opportunity again with others in the future. These may all seem like selfish reasons, but I’m just being honest. I guess there is one other reason: I volunteer at St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. I have the fun task of playing with kids (patients and siblings) in the waiting rooms to help make their visit hopefully a little more pleasant. My ability to speak some Spanish has come in quite handy! St Jude has an audiology department, and I bet if I knew ASL, I could better interact with some of those Deaf/HH kids as well. The possibilities are endless!
  2. Hi all. I’m 44 years old. Just wanting to learn ASL. Gonna take an actual class in January. Been learning some online (Youtube) so I know the alphabet and some basic beginning signs/greetings, but looking forward to learning more. Married for 22 years, 3 children aged from 15-20.. 2 dogs, 7 saltwater fish. Like aviation, sports, fast cars (I drive a Tesla Model 3) (mid-life crisis car, I suppose). By the way, my profile pic was after quarantining for a while with no haircut, no shaving. Cheers!
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