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  1. I am sorry I have not gotten back to you. We had three surgeries this month and all of them were bunched together. I sent a small video hoping you can understand it. My time here in Nebraska is Central Standard time. I can facetime through messagner or we can send messages back and forth. If we do it this way, I think it might be best to write out what the other person signed. Send it back with the decoded message and put in a new message. Does that make sense? Let me know I'll watch my email for you
  2. I will definately keep this in mind. Right now I am trying to find someone who would like to just correspond back and forth.
  3. Kayla, I would be interested in practicing. I am from LaVista Nebraska so our times are a little off, but we can send correspondense back and forth. let me know if your interested or if you have already found someone. I am not sure if there is a way to message one another, but I am sure we can figure something out.
  4. I would like to prctice signing. How does work, and how do you get others to sign with you. Are these messages all on a board or do they go to each others personal emails? How does this all work if you don't mind taking time to explain ?
  5. I just finished my first class in ASL and will begin my second class in two weeks. I have a couple questions that I would like to find the answers to before then. While signing a sentence how do you break of the words so you know when one word ends and another starts. I know that ASL sentences do not following English writing, but if I was signing and the word order is wrong is that something i should practice on or is getting the right words and signs more important?
  6. I am a beginner as well, and need to have others to sign with. Let me know what your availability is and maybe we can connect
  7. I am new to signing. I have wanted to learn, but never took the steps until now. I am a student on online learning. I want to be able to have someone to practice with and become fluent in signing. What time are you available? I live in Nebraska and believe we are an hour or two ahead of you. Let me know if you are interested and what time we could get together.
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