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  1. Hi there! I'm also in Cali working through the lessons on Lifeprint.com. Would you like to practice some of the content from those lessons sometime, discord or zoom works for me? 🤙
  2. Hello errbody, my name is Dylan, 25. In the past, I was at a moderate-speed-but-pretty-conversational level, having the awesome blessing of a deaf friend who I would regularly kick it with. Since then, we have moved apart and I'd like to expand my signing circle and get back to my previous level with this beautiful language (I'm pretty rusty now) . Currently, I'm using Lifesigns.com to brush up on my skills and expand my vocabulary. My main, main goal is to enroll into an interpreter training program by the beginning of 2022 and turn this into a career. Interests include: the beach/ocean, photography, woodworking, artsy fartsy shtuff, reading, food So, what's the schedule looking like? - Practice 1-2x a week - Any day works other than Thursdays (I dedicate that to the beach) - A time between 12pm-3pm or 5pm-8pm Via what? - Skype, zoom, googlemeets -- I'm flexible Thanks for stopping by. 🤙
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