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  1. Any good Deaf/Sign Language movie recommendations?
  2. Hi! Looks like you have some of ASL's structure already down 👏 You could sign: many people here wow.. you want leave? You, me dinner, us finish? (For a yes/no question: eyebrows raised, leaning forward slightly). This loosely translates to: There's too many people here, you wanna go and get dinner? Just the two of us? Best of luck asking her out! For signs: http://www.lifeprint.com/ https://www.handspeak.com/
  3. Some resources for ya: https://www.signlanguage101.com/courses/level-1-online-asl-course http://www.lifeprint.com/ https://www.handspeak.com/ https://www.dawnsign.com/series/details/signing-naturally https://www.aslmeredith.com/ https://www.wvc.edu/academics/humanities/languages/american-sign-language.html
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