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  1. Hello I would like to practice ASL in the chat room. Is anyone available and if so what times. I'm in Pennsylvania, if that helps as far as time zone. 😃
  2. Hello Everyone It's great to be here. I have taken some ASL classes at the School for the Deaf in Germantown Pa. I also went to Philadelphia Community College and took up a class. However over time I had fallen back with studying ASL and went on to do other things. Lately I have been practicing ASL using the LIFEPRINT website and Signing Savvy website to help with my practice. I'm looking into getting my certification so I can teach ASL and go father and getting my Associate Degree. I would would like to Practice with someone who know ASL and can help me enhance and grow in the community of ASL. I found a website called International Credit Academy which says there I can receive my certificate and it will be accepted among other schools if I wanted to teach. Has anyone else Heard of this "International Credit Academy"?
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