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  1. My mom and brother are hard of hearing. Decades ago, the local school system offered SEE classes to family members of students that were receiving services. Years later, I used baby signs with my children. Now I want to learn ASL. Honestly for the first time since SEE and "baby sign" are not ASL. Sure, there are crossover signs, but that only gets one so far. I also have occasional aphasia, so I'm hoping that learning ASL will do two things 1)offer me a resource when I get stuck and 2) help me recall when I get stuck.
  2. Hi there. I live in Michigan and yes, we do use our hand to show where we live or where another town is. It's a rather convenient map since it is always with you. 😂 I have an amazing husband of 25 years, 8 children, 2 granddaughters, a silly chiweenie, and a black cat. My mom and brother are hard of hearing. My mom has a cochlear. Decades ago I took an SEE class. The school system was offering it to families of students that were deaf or hearing impaired. I say it that way, because that was the school systems mindset on the topic.
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