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  1. Hello, I do know some ASL. I know that some signs from SEE crossover. And of course "baby sign" is it's own pidgen of both. I am interested in learning more ASL signs along with the language itself. I would be to happy to chat with you.
  2. My mom and brother are hard of hearing. Decades ago, the local school system offered SEE classes to family members of students that were receiving services. Years later, I used baby signs with my children. Now I want to learn ASL. Honestly for the first time since SEE and "baby sign" are not ASL. Sure, there are crossover signs, but that only gets one so far. I also have occasional aphasia, so I'm hoping that learning ASL will do two things 1)offer me a resource when I get stuck and 2) help me recall when I get stuck.
  3. Hi there. I live in Michigan and yes, we do use our hand to show where we live or where another town is. It's a rather convenient map since it is always with you. 😂 I have an amazing husband of 25 years, 8 children, 2 granddaughters, a silly chiweenie, and a black cat. My mom and brother are hard of hearing. My mom has a cochlear. Decades ago I took an SEE class. The school system was offering it to families of students that were deaf or hearing impaired. I say it that way, because that was the school systems mindset on the topic.
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