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  1. The chatrooms aren't working for me today, for some reason. Is anyone else having this problem?
  2. I'm sorry, everything sounds so muffled to me T-T
  3. I'm a little shy, but I'd love to try..
  4. My name is Destiny, and I'm new here! I know extremely little ASL at the moment (I sometimes mess up parts of the alphabet, embarrassingly...), but I know a few signs. I am not deaf, but I am hard of hearing, and due to PTSD there are times when I become effectively mute. So, other than thinking it would be cool to learn an awesome life skill/new language, I think it would really benefit me on a personal level to learn ASL. Plus, it could help me make so many wonderful new friends! I hope that it's alright that I join you all here. Much love. ♥ ~Destiny
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